Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I recall just how we came to owning our little beach retreat which is waiting for us to occupy next year.  Bill had been miserable in his job for quite some time coming home feeling deflated and physically sick to think he had to get up in the morning and return to a place where his soul was being destroyed.
As I watched this for many months I knew if he did not get out of there soon the ramifications of our homelife were quickly spiraling into a deep dark depressive hole of which I was not sure I was going to be able to pull him out of.
As it turns out, the universe was paying attention (as it always is) and on a trip back from Geelong to visit Bre, Jase and our two Grandchildren I casually turned and said to my husband – ‘life is not meant to be this hard’ to which Bill replied ‘I wish there was some way of us living down here’
No sooner had he said that, we spent the next hour of our trip home imagining what our life would be like if we had the chance to buy a house near a beach and of what it would be to live by the sea and to see out our dream, to finally, after all these years of talking about it, to actually do it!  As soon as we got home we searched the internet to see what the prices were of houses around where we wanted to live. Just as luck would have it, the prices were rather reasonable compared to the prices in Melbourne and so our excitement began to bubble thinking that maybe, just maybe we could do this. At this stage we were merely thinking of buying to rent out until we could move there which might have been another 7 years away. We thought that even if we can just get into the market, we can hold on to it for retirement.
The next day Bill happened to mention to his supervisor at work how lovely it was down there and that his dream was to buy a house and retire to a coastal town.  His supervisor took him aside and told him of a confidential plan for a large division of his work to be relocated to Queenscliffe in 18 months to the very place where we wanted to live.  Serendipity at its very best – I couldnt help but scream with laughter when I found out – so this was the larger plan, the bigger picture, which had finally just landed into our laps.
As the universal plan unfolded right before our eyes, I was truly amazed at the coincidences which happened to line up perfectly every step of the way.  The next weekend we drove back down to Geelong to ‘just take a look’ at a few houses and one in particular which had caught our eye. We did not even try to bargain the vendor down but offered the asking price as we knew that this was the special house we had dreamed about for so long. The way our finances all came together to find the deposit for this perfect property was nothing short of miraculous! The next week I looked on the web and found Bill’s new job even though there was a freeze on Public Service jobs in Victoria at that time (and still is as I write this months later). I came home one night shortly after to Bill grinning at me and said “I have an interview” My reply was ‘Of course you do”
There was one piece of the puzzle left and that was what to do with our current house as it was too much of a commute each day for Bill to endure comfortably. As it turned out our daughter Mel did not wish to uproot and come with us so the perfect solution was she rent out the house with some friends and this is working wonderfully. Bill has now been in this new job for 4 months after we packed up our home of 10 years and moved over to the west which as we have since discovered is a hidden jewell on the Melbourne landscape.  Bill loves this new job and feels like he has a new lease of life and even though we havent recieved confirmation on his job continuing down in Queenscliffe, we know that its only a matter of time.
Perfect synchronicity has also found some lovely people to rent out our beach retreat until the time is right for us to occupy it.  Until then, we are quite happy to live in and explore the west side of Melbourne. We are enjoying discovering the treasured suburbs of Altona, Yarraville & Williamstown to shop eat and explore. We have had time here to stop and relax and dream of what is coming and we both know that as this journey unfolds we are both finally learning to become our true selves, a little older and a lot wiser but the main lesson we are learning is to reach out for what you want in your life, because until you do you could be stuck in a place you do not want to be and the rewards that come from just ‘imagining’ something new can be totally life changing…