Setting goals and getting the most out of my life seems to be my mantra these days.  I think I have always been this way but more so after losing my mum and brother in the same year in 2000, my older brother at the time having only lived 40 years of his life. Death really has a way of either keeping you stuck or getting you moving.  In my case, I decided after Michael’s passing, that the best way to honour him and his contribution in my life is to spend the rest of my time doing what I loved, not waiting for ‘ the right time’ or putting things away ‘ to keep for good.’
So, that is what I have been doing over the past few years.  I have a list of about 100 things I would like to do before my time in this world is complete and each year I try and tick a few ‘dreams’ off the list, although as life goes on I keep on adding to it which is exciting as well – I would hate to have not much on that list – for me that is impossible! Try it, you just dont know what is hiding in the back of your subconcious mind until you put pen to paper, you might even surprise yourself!
I have learnt that your list is not dependant on how much money you have and some of the things on there don’t even need to cost much in monetary terms, or they may even be free, like spending more time with a loved one, or beginning an excercise or life change program. They can also be as simple as making time for yourself in this hectic paced life we lead or something specific such as walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC. This year for instance Bill and I have cut wheat out of our diets and I am trying hard to eat less sugar. These things have not cost us a cent and actually have saved us money! You need to make the list as if ‘Money is no object’ This way your dreams are not compromised or put into the ‘too hard basket’. If what you dream about doing one day is already in your mind, this means that your soul is guiding you to fullfill this yearning. The dreams are in your mind for a reason and that reason is to live them.  If we can desire it, then we can imagine it, If we can imagine it, we can create it.
This is none truer than what has happened in my life to get us to this stage right now talking & writing about my beach retreat and my list of dreams. Apparently there is power in writing things down which is why a list is so important. If you dont have 100 ideas, just start with 20 or 30 and add from there, 10 even, the point is to just start.  I’ve always been inspired by the following quote from the chinese philosopher Lau Tzu “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
Another item on my list is to write, simply because I love to write. So, I have decided to combine writing with one other list item and that is to inspire others to follow their own hidden dreams & create their own lists by following their hearts to where they really want to be in this lifetime. If you dont start, one day time will catch up and you will have wasted many years not pursuing what you really wish to be doing. I wish you all the best in your endeavours, I truely believe the universe will bring everything together for you in perfect timeing.  It is not our job to worry how the dreams are going to manifest. You dont even have to know how you are going to do any of them, all you are required to do is think of them and believe they are within your reach. The twists and turns my life has taken me since I wrote my own list really is turning out to be quite amazing….