I have always loved this time of year! Approaching a new year for me is very cathartic as I ponder over the past year and reflect on what went well and what didnt go so well in my life then I love to get out my pen and paper/computer to write out my goals for the coming year…yes I really do this! You may think it’s daggy but so effective!  All of the greatest life coaches agree that when you write down your goals, something magical happens…
Gearing up to each New Years I have a long think of what habit I can leave behind as the year closes, something which doesnt suit me any more or I think its time to ditch. Usually its dietary related or some improvement in my health. For instance in the past I have been able to change quite a few things this way, no sugar in my tea or coffee, normal milk to soy milk then soy milk to no milk, this year it will be taking wheat and sugar out of my diet. I am doing this for a number of reasons but mainly to encourage our son Matt to eat healthier as he is recovering from Chronic Fatigue & the one thing we have found makes a difference more than anything else is cutting out wheat, sugar and preservatives.

As of Jan 1st I will be following Sarah Wilson’s 8 week program of “I quit sugar”. This Australian author has helped thousand of others become sugar free and are experiencing better health than they have felt in decades.  I too wish to feel well all the time, which is why I am going down this holistic path, for me, my changes in 2013 are all about wellbeing in lifestyle, diet and thoughts.

I plan for 2013 to show me lots of new habits I hope to last a lifetime. Our recent move to Altona has shown my husband and I the pleasure of getting back to nature by walking along the beach and really appreciating our surrounds. My daughter Mel who is studying aromatherapy has inspired me to look for remedies and oils to enhance a feeling of tranquility particularly in times of stress when I am busy at work.

I’d love to hear from others who are also contemplating a new direction in 2013, or trying new dietary habits or any other goals such as saving for a well deserved break or holiday, or perhaps trying to unclutter their lives. Don’t let 2013 rush by without doing something very special for YOU! We all know that it’s so easy for  the year to pass us by as we race through the days and weeks as best we can without any real direction or realisation that we are wasting precious time. It was John Lennon who said “Life is what happens when you are too busy doing other things.”

 Perhaps in this coming year we can inspire each other to change direction or habits. Apparently it only takes 21 days to change a habit so if you have something you really feel is weighing you down, or its time to ditch, just keep with the change for 21 days until it becomes a habit. This is what I am doing with the sugar.  21 days, is all you need to commit to, that doesnt sound too hard does it?

For those who would like to ‘attract’ something special or bring some change into their lives, focus on what you want in detail in your thoughts each day for about 2 or 3 weeks – really imagine yourself already in posession of what you want and experience the feelings of it as if you had it right now! Write down what you imagine as if it is yours already and then let it go. In perfect timing the universe will bring you exactly what you have been focussing on or you’ll suddenly notice someone or something appearing in your life to help you find a way or means for your dream to take shape.
An example below is written goal testimony which I am using to help me achieve my goal. The steps are to remind me of help and strategies when I am feeling its all too hard.  It’s not set in concrete and can be adjusted as I go but its a great starting point:

From Jan 1st 2013



 Do not put any sugary item in my mouth for 8 weeks while I go through a proven program of detoxing an eliminating sugar cravings.  I have chosen a program by Sarah Wilson called ‘I Quit Sugar” program to detox my body

Increase my water intake and herbal teas. Drink more green tea each day

Bring homemade snacks to work to combat the ‘chocolate table’ which is right near my desk and eat my own snacks instead.  Actually better still, move that ‘chocolate table’ to the other side of the office!

When sugar cravings hit me, find something else to do, walk, cycle or read and eat something savoury

Get books from library or internet on how to grow organic vegetables & herbs or gain advice from those around me who grow vegetables successfully 🙂

Begin to try new recipes introducing spices such as cumin & tumeric to enhance my new pallet


So….what’s something you would love to experience, complete or start and what steps can you create to overcome hurdles along the way?  If you are stuck for stepping stones to reach the end result maybe I can help? Remember that Life is beautiful and is what you make of it! Good luck to you all who have big dreams – never give them away, just keep striving little steps by little steps and they will soon become your reality – I know they will if you just keep believing xx

Happy New Year to all my friends & families and remember to MAKE 2013 YOUR BEST YEAR YET! 
I wish you all peace, love & laughter