Today I came across the following words which hit me like a ton of bricks, so much so, I have been thinking of them all day….

Doesnt that just make you go “WOW’ that makes so much sense! 
How many people just live the same lives they dont like, year in year out? The trouble is that we spend half our lives doing what perhaps our parents wanted us to do or what we think we ‘should’ do that we end up loosing our ‘real’ selves in the process. What is it that excites YOU about life? Think carefully about this, invest some time on yourself and write down what you really would love to be doing with your life.  Next to this list write down steps which will help you to achieve your dream. Then each day spend some time really thinking of your new life, habbit, dream or vision and begin to do the little ‘something’ which will help bring your new life closer to you. This may be as simple as opening another bank account to place your extra $20 per week towards your new goal, or practising a habit so that it becomes part of the ‘new you’.
My husband and I are now what is otherwise known as ‘middle age’ – ok, so effectively this means we have lived half of our lives if we are living to be 100.  And seeing as not everyone gets to live this long, we are finally beginning to live our lives the way we want to.
Sadly, for me it took a couple of family members to not be with us anymore for me to really see how short life is and know that I do not wish to leave here with any regrets. Watching my mother & mother in law suffer with cancer and subsequently die from this wretched disease awakened something deep within me that has become a part of my new mantra of living life to the fullest with a deep determination that my life will not be full of things I never wanted to do.
My hope for anyone reading this blog is to think about treating the rest of this month as a time of dreaming about what it is that makes you smile and plan to do more of it.  What have you been saying to yourself for years now, that you must finish that painting, get out and walk more, fly to the other side of the world, take a cruise to a beautiful island, start that course or renovate a bedroom….if you hate your job, dont spend another year in it – make 2013 the year to find something that suits your passions. What about your relationships, how can they be improved, maybe this is the year to do something different. Dont get to the end of this year with the same complaints as you walked into it. Whatever it is, wherever you feel you should be, whatever you feel you would be happier doing – START NOW.
The trick to begin to change is to do something, no matter how minute it may be at the time. This, I have learned from one of my favourite authors,  Mike Dooley who writes the most amazing inspirational books such as ‘Infinite Possibilities The Art of Living Your Dreams’ 
Mike says, just START from where you are with whatever you have.  Just start moving towards what it is that you want, focus on it and do something towards the change you wish to bring.  The universe then will conspire to help bring it to you, but nothing changes unless you ACT FIRST and really believe that you deserve to have what it is you are dreaming about.
The inspiring quote I have shared above is for anyone out there who dreams of a different life. We discovered that we are much happier living by the sea. Yours might be living surrounded by beautiful mountains or living in the country somewhere amongst beautiful wild flowers, or meerly not moving but living a life of freedom from a busy hectic schedule. Others may wish to move out of where you are currently and move into your own place. These are not impossible dreams, in fact no dream is impossible if you can think it, then you can create it. All it just takes is determination, resourcefulness and a big dose of belief to make it your reality. 
We can always change our reality. Change our jobs, change where we live, change our habits or change our thoughts to create a better life for ourselves. It does, however, mean stepping out of our comfort zone and even though this can be painful it is so worth the end result. I myself have a hard time with moving out of the comfort zone, particularly in my work situations but I have learnt as hard as it sometimes gets that its the only way we grow and once you do stretch yourself to gain something better, it usually ends up so much better than you ever could have imagined…
So….what is it that you are wanting to change this year?