One of my goals for 2013 is to begin the job of sorting my husband’s many photographs into catagories; absolute favourites, favourites, must hang and saleable photos.  Bill is an amatuer photographer and takes photos for a hobby.  He absolutely loves it but what is apparent to me and everyone around us is that he is quite talented and could even do this professionally.  He has an eye for quirkiness, beautiful scenery and images.
I like to plan ahead and one of my favourite views in my mind is of the two of us sitting behind a stall at Drysdale Market in our ‘new life’ with Bill’s photos on display, on canvas boards and in little boxes with different sizes of the most popular photos of natural scenery of which Bill has been collecting along the way. I just ‘know’ they will sell well and will be most proud to help out at the stall of my husband ‘the local photographer’ – who knows, if his photos become popular and sell well, we could even create a website and have his beautiful works online making it another income stream in retirement.
Just so you know what I am speaking about, I have added a few samples of his wonderful work here.  Perhaps you can comment on which photos you think will sell well.  Its always good to get feedback before begining a project such as this.
There is also a bit of background investigating to be done to get this project off and running. I need to source wooden boxes of which we will stack the photos into, also gage where I can buy discounted plastic covering and cardboard to frame the photos in various sizes and formats.
So, while I am begining to find out all of this information for future use, enjoy the pictures I have posted. They are his own originals and photographed with no formal training except for his ‘eye’
I think they are wonderful, but of course I am biased…