My, how quickly is life whizzing by?  If we are not careful it soon becomes one big blur. Which is exactly why my husband and I are planning our pre-retirment life.  We have decided that we do not wish for it to just happen to us, and be forced to take whatever the deal may be when we arrive at 60 or 65 years of age.  No, that doesnt suit me one bit, in fact I couldnt think of anything worse as to wake up one day and there I was at 60 years of age with no input into my life at all, and look back with regrets that I couldnt have been bothered to plan a little, save a little or relax a little to be finally enjoying the time left after all of the hard work of getting there…
I guess you wouldnt call me a ‘fly by the night’ kind of gal, not that there is anything wrong with this, it can be exhilarating, exciting, fun & unburdensome, but in the end, you are relying on sheer luck to give you the life you really crave.
Which brings me to this story.  I have learned, this month that life will show you what you need to know, if you are not paying attention, which is what happened to me recently;
A strange thing happened to me on the way to work last week, when I was coasting along thinking I was not stressed, that I had everything under control, I collapsed in what I now think was an anxiety attack.  The ambulance as well as the doctor the night before when the pain began, checked me over completely for heart issues and I succumbed to the routine ECG’s, blood tests etc to rule out the heart, seeing I am 49 this year, it was an obvious albeit scary road to go down. Because there is heart history in my family (Michael died at 40, and Dad died of a stroke), its always a bit worrying for me as I get older….but with all tests indicating my heart is healthy and the fact that my new life is bringing me closer and closer to organic, fresh eating habits, the other conclusion of possible gall stones just didnt seem to fit.  Anxiety, however does and I’m not ashamed to admit I can get over zealous in the nerve department, particularly on a highway or entering an elevator, but hey, with all the wonderful things I have been able to achieve so far in my life, I figure a few short comings makes me ‘human’ after all.
What this little scare did do is teach me again that where we are heading is exactly the right direction and I feel blessed to be able to create this for Bill and myself.  Having said that, did I think I would be right here 2 years ago, hell no, it has only been from the wonderful books on the Law of Attraction which I read that has led me down this path and realising that we too can have what we deserve and want in this lifetime.  My favourite read of all time which I am reading it a second time right now on my new Kindle is A Happy pocket full of money. If you are looking for something to inspire you and get you moving towards your goals, I could not recommend a better read, but be warned it makes you think about your life, how we create it and what you can do to improve it !
February has already been good to me, it has taught me to slow down, and reassess my priorities and is a reminder for me to keep my eye on where I am going but most of all remind myself why I am going.  Dont wait for an emergency to do that to you.  Its so easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of life and sometimes, its just too late to go back, to be that healthy person you should have been, or perhaps gone to bed a bit earlier than midnight, or left a job which was stressing you to the point of illness. We are not meant to be here to suffer, dont let your days go by if they are not meaningful for you.

Enjoy the rest of your February…and remember to rest in the sunshine for a bit or walk along a beach or simply stop and smell the roses…