Ok, so to say I have been spending a bit of money on ‘New House’ items may be a little understated.  In fact its time to close the wallet for a few months as we have just purchased our very first new car.
When I envisaged us living at the beach retreat, I could see very clearly in my mind, the beautiful house we have purchased but also an SUV type of vehicle sitting in the driveway. I guess the driving along the highway has given my nerves a good go in my smaller cars and I thought if we were going to live down in Geelong forever then I would need a ‘bigger SUV type of car for the drives to ensure our safety and keep my nerves at bay.
Bill and I searched for months for the right vehicle which we both liked but the choices were always a bit big for my liking until one day, Bill spotted a Nissan Dualis. So, guess what is now sitting in my driveway right at this moment, you guessed it, a beautiful mineral grey Nissan Dualis which we both are able to drive.  It hasnt hit the driveway of the new house yet, and I can still imagine it sitting there in my mind but I really am beginning to see that our ‘thoughts become things‘ and know that it is going to fit just perfectly into our new carport (see below) and compliment our new lifestyle.

One thing I need to get clear in my head over the next 5 months before we permanently move down there is how to decorate the new house.  My favourite style is French Provincial and I LOVE all things french.  I have had in my mind to decorate the house in a French provincial style, however I also wish to maintain the freshness of a coastal retreat. So…. as you can see right now I am confused and torn between my two favourite styles as I keep buying items which are on the French side of the decorating board, but then think I really need to be concentrating on the hues of blues and whites which I also LOVE…mmm, its not an easy decision.  Perhaps I can blend them both in together somehow…
I did start with a new charcoal couch and bought some lovely cushions to throw on it.  The idea was to decorate the rest of the lounge room around this colour scheme. Our new loungeroom has high ceilings (see below) which are currently a not so nice orange, but we plan to paint them all white to keep with the coastal look of the place. If you can imagine these ceilings a beautiful ‘antique white’ shade…I am sure it will give the place a whole new feel, coastal like…

With our beautiful new charcoal couch bought at Freedom and black and white framed photos of Bill’s best work on the walls, I think our new lounge room is off to a good start…take a look below, its lovely and comfy too!

We are getting lots of ideas from Sarah Richardson a Canadian designer we love watching on Foxtel, and absolutely love her style. She has a fresh crisp look to all of the rooms which she decorates and I am going to try to replicate it at our beach retreat.  Bill has always had an eye for interior designing (I think he may have missed his calling), so it will be put to the test in our new house with a brand new style…once I work out exactly what that is!
Watch this space….