Thankyou Altona, for on the unexpected stopover leading to our new life by the sea,
You have taught me many things during our time together so far. 
You have taught me to slow down, listen to my inner soul and find the me
which has been hidden away for 22 years bringing up my family…
Along the way…

I have learned that I now love the sea – 
something I have spent the last 20 years ignoring its beauty
I have learned that uncluttering your life makes room for more peace
I have learned to say ‘No’ more often
I have learned that if I dont look after myself, then my future may not come
I have learned that I can only do so much for my children, 
its time now for them to begin their own journeys
I have learned to watch what makes my husband smile, 
and his soul sing
I have learned what I wish to be doing for the next chapter in our lives
I have learned the love of cats is a beautiful thing 
and that all you cat lovers were right 
and I was wrong…
I have learned not to waste time worrying
I have  learned that your plans may change along the way. 
The important thing to remember is to always follow your instincts or inner feelings for it is here where your true path lies
But mainly, 
I have learned that its ok for us to now be on our own journey, 
with our own agenda 
and  to not feel guilty 
We are blessed that we still have our health and each other 
to be sharing this dream and  experiencing it together…