My husband Bill with our Grandson, admiring the view from his new workplace at Fort Queenscliffe, Victoria

When we began this journey, neither Bill or myself knew what we were stepping into as it was unknown territory to us, a new life on the other side of Melbourne and a new working place for Bill.  It was a courageous step for Bill to change direction at this stage of his working career but his old workplace had become such a daily burden that anything seemed better than what he was living with. It did not take us long to settle in with new places quickly becoming favourite haunts, such as Yarraville, Williamstown, Point Cook & our own new little suburb, Altona.  No sooner had we settled in than we found ourslelves rating the food places we frequented, Jamaica Blue at Point Cook, Tick Tock at Williamstown as well as our own Pier Street delights of Creme, Stella’s, Mosaic and Sunset Thai quickly becoming our local favourites.

The one thing I soon noticed was the daily enthusiasm Bill took to his new job.  The main reason we left and set off on our new path was Bills total unsatisfactory working life which was making him depressed and miserable. It was when I could no longer stand seeing him so unhappy that we decided to look at what other options we had and realised we had an unfullfilled dream which had laid dormant for the best of 24 years and the time had come to see where it would take us…

Now, patience is something my husband has struggled with over time and there were a few moments where Bill started to doubt if the final piece of this puzzle was going to fall into his lap even though I held a strong belief that our lives had not been led to this point in time without there being a perfect ending to it, the orchestrated beauty of how it had all come together so perfectly was proof enough for me that something much bigger than us was at play…

But even though you see things happening its sometimes so damn hard to wait it out, especially if its something that you want with all your heart and soul, its very hard to be patient.  It is then you really must ‘get out of your own way‘ as I call it. Once you have done the work by expressing your desire and the wheels have begun to turn in the right direction, you just need to sit back and allow it all to happen without interfering. This is the hardest part and certainly not easy.

So…as time was beginning to tick and still no official word that he would secure a permanent position at Queenscliffe Bill’s work colleages also helped keep his dream alive by encouraging him not to give up all awhile I was reiterating at home to be patient and it will all work out.  Luckily he listened to us all and calmed down enough to let the last piece of the puzzle appear.
Today Bill left his Point Cook job and officially begins at Fort Queenscliffe this coming Monday. While we are still living in Altona for another 8 weeks Bill will be commuting back for the weekends. In the short 8 months he spent with some wonderful work collegues and new found friends he had this to say about them all today:

“Well that’s my time at Point Cook done … a wonderful 8 months with a fantastic group of people who I will miss greatly, completely re-energised me and helped put me back at ease with the universe, there wasn’t a single day that I did not look forward to going to work, I hadn’t felt that way for at least 5 years. Thought I would be able to sneak out without any fuss … but I was wrong, hugs from the wonderful group of girls who listened and laughed at all my silly stories and adventures and strong handshakes from the guys really made me feel like I had made an impact on them as well. Just made it out to the car before I lost it … it’s funny how people can impact upon you, I have been involved with Defence for nigh upon 25 years and I can honestly say this group have been just the best to work, they have made an impact in my life in such a short time and I will be forever grateful for their friendship”.

I also want to thank these people whom I have never met, but have touched Bill’s heart and made him realise what people can give to each other when you let people in.  Bill is leaving Point Cook confident that he can do what he sets his mind to and do a fine job at it too.  He knows he is fortunate to have secured a wonderful new job in a postcard setting and is looking forward to his new life where he has learnt that dreams really do come true if you believe hard enough and just keep working towards them.
Watching Bill this week go through the emotional goodbyes of a life he is leaving behind has made me realise that in order for this move to be complete, I too have to let go of the ties which hold me back. I have been struggling with the thought of starting over again in a new job, even though my current one is full of turmoil at present.  For me I can now see this being a catalyst for my eventual moving on and actually when I look at the bigger picture, I realise the timing of everything is actually so very perfect. The idea of commuting such a long way is unrealistic if I wish to feel free and unstressed in my new environment. So I need to now, take a dose of my own advice and put my new desire out into the universe that I now am ready to move on, and ask for my perfect job to appear, one which will ensure a calmer and slower life.
To goodbye’s and new beginnings, well done Bill, you did it & I couldnt be prouder!!