Last week I purchased a new book for my kindle called “The art of extreme self care” It is written by one of my favourite author’s Cheryl Richardson. Cheryl is a wonderful teacher of personal development & this book offers strategies for realising that our own needs are just as important amongst all the other things you feel you must get done on a daily basis. This book helps you transform your life one month at a time. I love taking the time to read books like this. They help you  to realise that its ok to take time out or put yourself first, and that this does not mean you are being selfish, in fact it is highly encouraged that in order to be of value to others, we must value and love ourselves first. There is no better time for me than now to begin to instil such  new values and routines and blend them into my new life and sea change, this is what our move is all about, slowing down, learning to stop the chatter in my head of that long list of things I think that I ‘should do’ and just ‘be’ and ‘live’ in the moment of each day we have given to us.  That’s the whole point, and I think in our busy lives, we forget that our time is limited, that we may not always be here to do the things we wish to do when ‘we get around to it’.

I have decided that this thinking is going to be a big part of my ‘new life’. My move from Melbourne is not just getting rid of the hustle and bustle surrounding my current existence; it’s all about letting go of old habits and embracing new beginnings which will encompass self-care & self-love. It’s now time to start looking after us, and I think after 23 years of family rearing, it’s well overdue. There comes a time in your life, perhaps it happens as you are nearing 50 years of age as I am, that you realise, if you don’t start living the life you have dreamed of for so long, there is no guarantee you will be around to live it if you wait too long, which is the whole reason behind our move, its now time for us, without the guilt.
 I believe that its really important to treat yourself every now and then and do something really indulgent which makes you smile every time you think of it.  I felt this way when I  put plantation shutters in my first home.  The pure joy this gave me every morning when I awoke and stepped into my lounge made me think I was stepping into someone’s else’s dream.  The second indulgence I allowed myself in our first house was a butler’s sink in the kitchen.  I absolutely adore them and plan to replicate this as well as shutters in my beach retreat. Once I got them it made me realise that it’s not selfish to indulge a little along this way of life, but really important to do so. Whatever it is that makes you feel a little indulgent, it’s important to occasionally splurge.
So…I have decided that moving into our beach retreat, I am going to indulge away…and no more feeling guilty! Its such a wasted emotion. I am going to buy the finest home wares, the most gorgeous cushions for my couch & beautiful linen for the first time in my life, and instead of always looking for bargains, this time I plan to buy the best that I can afford (although if they are on special, even better). I feel quite liberated thinking this way and for the first time in a long time, I finally get to ask, what do I want?  How do I wish to decorate my home so that it brings me pure joy every time I walk in the door, for that is what we are really here to do, find our joy and what makes us ‘tick’ but sadly we waste so many years of our lives not experiencing the best of our lives.
Its nearly winter here in Melbourne and its beginning to get cold. Today I bought myself some new warm PJ’s as I do each new winter season. So it got me thinking, what are my indulgences, things that really make me feel special or make having them in my life so much better.  As I was pondering this, I came up with this list of self-care items which make me feel good doing or having.  Perhaps you can make up your own list and if you haven’t experienced anything on your list in the last few months then you have some indulging to do…even if its just a little…Along this journey dont forget the ‘you’ in “Your life”

I love to indulge in
Coffee and cake at beautiful cafes
Long lingering breakfasts
Sleep ins on the weekend
Beautiful linen, throws and doona covers
 Soft luxurious towels
Staying in a gorgeous B&B
New PJ’s each winter
New scarves each winter
A long hot bubble bath
Beautiful homewares
Beautiful books
& Fresh flowers

I think it’s time we all indulged & treated ourselves a little….
What can you indulge in today?