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After the long cold drawn out winter finally begins to dissipate and the hint of Spring catches our attention, we start to awaken along with the new buds and feel alive once more. Each Spring season I am captivated by the wonder of mother nature, the beauty that continues to surprise me each year with the promise that days can only get better with Spring in the air.

Yes, I love Spring…

I am a floral girl at heart & love the pinks, purples & whites of blossom and wisteria which put on a beautfiul show for us each year.  My beach retreat has an old wisteria vine which hugs my pergola out the back.  When I first bought my home in Melbourne, it was Spring and there was a beautiful climbing wisteria plant over the gate in full bloom as we drove up to inspect the property.  I waited patiently every year for 11 years to see that wisteria bloom and bring me new joy each time I spotted the first flecks of mauve and purple through my shuttered windows.

It’s no coincidence that my beach retreat now also has a beautiful wisteria vine for me to watch and wait to bloom every year for the rest of my days. I think the universe may have had something to do with that and forever reminds me that even though we cannnot see the big plan ahead, when we arrive there it is always just perfect….

As the mornings have become lighter, so too has my journey back and forth to Melbourne four times a week.  I have had a week off in the midst of it all, just to rest my head, recoup and ponder on how my life is going presently.  There is so much that I love about it, that I feel utterly blessed to be here, however it is still not without trial, with my long commute each day.  I still worry over leaving my secure workplace for a new job with less pay, the unknown is frightening at my age where it is hard to begin again in a new environment.

Perhaps that is what is worrying me the most.  I need to take some time to imagine myself in a new place and doing really well.  I think the memory of starting at my current workplace is still etched firmly in my mind as it was a difficult experience adapting at the time to a new working environment with collegues half my age who were a lot quicker at things than I was.  I had left a familiar environment (libraries) to go to something not so familiar but I am still there now 5 years later. I know my new job is ahead of me, not too far in the distance. I just need to get to that space in my mind which tells me that everything which has happened so far has been wonderful so why wouldnt the next step be?

I get a lot of comfort from the world’s best motivational speakers and one of my favourite’s, Bob Proctor tells us that:

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.” – Bob Proctor

I need to now release my fears and begin to practice what Bob teaches…

A week ago today was my wedding anniversary and during my respite  I, along with my husband of now 24 years took a trip to Warrnambool along Victoria’s rocky coastline which showed us a wonderful time in the historic Victorian township.  After 2 days we meandered back home via one of Australia’s most scenic routes The Great Ocean Road which certainly does live up to its beauty and magnificence.  The rugged coastline is home to the famous ’12 Apostles’ and ‘The Bay of Islands’ and ‘London Bridge’ – all monumental rocks in thier own right and each giving a spectacular viewing on the way back home.  For me, travelling back home to my beach retreat was for the first time a pleasure to know that we only had to drive back to Clifton Springs and not Melbourne as we had previously done in busy traffic which always stressed me to no end. Our trip back home this time was so much nicer…

Here’s a sneak peek of what we saw along the way:



With Spring in the air and the occasional burst of sunshine, we are getting really excited about the next season to arrive which of course will be Summer, that is when we will see our beach retreat in all its glory, the sun, sand and long balmy evenings to sit outside or down at The Dell and feel very blessed that this is now our home. We can’t wait to experience that season!

So….I am hopping right on board with this wonderful Spring feeling by joining in on the 100 day challenge I stumbled across on the web beginning tomorrow. I want to do this so I can get back on track with the goals I planted in my mind at the beginning of this year.  I would like to say at the end of the year that YES, I did achieve all what I set out to do!

If you have your own goals to achieve by the end of this year, here’s a challenging and motivational website which just could help you.  I am trying to give up sugar which I was doing very well at before my break last week and lo and behold one muffin set me back again, so I am joining this challenge to help myself rid once and for all my sugar habit, so I can create a healthier me….perhaps you might like to join me.

If you have been feeling lately that the year is quickly slipping by and you have not done something you set your mind to do at the beginning of the year, this may be an opportunity for you too to achieve something close to your heart before the year is up.  There is now only 100 days left of 2013 and help is right here at http://www.100daychallenge.com/ – it only costs you your commitment to yourself!

…and in the meantime, keep enjoying the beautiful Spring days ahead…