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Its the simple things   It’s been a long while since I had just plain butter on toast.  This morning I did and it took me back 40 years with the memories of my Dad sitting eating his breakfast each morning; toast with butter and a cup of tea. My Dad was very much a simple man and taught me as a young girl to appreciate ‘the simple things’.  Its lovely how just the simple act of eating toast and having a cuppa can take your mind off to a world which reminds you that ~ mostly its the simple things which makes life easier and wonderful amongst all the other hardships we face…

Since moving to my beach retreat I have been commuting 5 hours per day on top of a day’s work.  I hadn’t intended to commute this long except the employment landscape is not so green out there and the jobs going locally are not very well paid which is why my morning commute on the train to Melbourne is full of people just like me earning a better living 75 km away from where we live.

But each Sunday night I am beginning to feel the familiar dread in the pit of my stomach from the thought of getting up to another week of waking at 5am to drudge into a workplace which I no longer feel I belong to. I guess that is what moving on is all about.  Without realising it, when you want to move on from something or someone, you begin to detach.  Things just don’t seem important anymore.  I feel that I am on the peripheral of the office crowd these days, just biding my time until my new life takes me on another path.

As I write this one of our dearest friends is very ill.  Its times like this that you realise you can’t just go along with life as if you have 100 years left to do whatever you want to do.  My next birthday will see me turn 50.  I can’t believe I am even anywhere near this age but my birth date tells me that I am and the one thing I have learned in my ‘nearly 50 years’ is that life is far too precious wasting it 8 hours or in my case 13 hours a day at a place where your soul is crying out for you to go and do something different. My husband recently found the joy in moving on in his work life.  Its my turn now to let go of what I have done for the past 5 years and take a chance in something new.

Even though I am feeling scared to change jobs again I am inspired by my oldest friend who recently has taken up a hairdressing course, attending TAFE every day, getting experience along the way and forging ahead with her new career.  I am so proud of her after bringing up a family and not working for a few decades to begin something totally new is really refreshing to watch as this determination will launch her into a new career which is something she has always wanted to do but life had not given her the opportunity until now.  It just goes to show that you are never too old for change; you just need to make the first move.

Summer is not far away now, the evenings are becoming longer and the nights will soon become balmier.  I am looking forward to our first summer at my beach retreat.  I plan to sit outside with my hubby in his ‘manshed’ with an ice cold drink, barefoot or with thongs on, loose clothing, hair up after an easy dinner with my books and the early evening breeze whistling through my hair, or take a walk down Beacon Point Road along the cliff top and watch the sun setting over Corio Bay.

Its these  simple things which make me feel so grateful to be here, living at my beach retreat. I want to spend all of my weekends celebrating the simple things which bring me joy and make me smile because that is what we are all here to do.

I think in our busy hectic lives we just sometimes forget this..

Has it been a while since you did something simple which brings you joy and makes you smile?