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What gives us joy? I was asking myself this question today…  What is it that my soul is crying out to do? What are the things in my life which get me excited?

And why do we not give more of these moments to ourselves…

each and every day…

The beautiful thing about life is it gives you answers to the question above, you just need to find what makes you happy, and then this is what you should follow if you want real joy in your life. I took some leave this week so I can slow down and experience what I call ‘Soul Joy’, doing things that truly make me happy.

My long 5.15 hr round trip to Melbourne  is beginning to take its toll now I am into my sixth month of it and I am becoming very tired.   I had thought I would be out of Melbourne completley by now, however it appears I am staying for a while longer.

I know from all of my reading on how to create your world, nothing good will come to me until my vibrations are in a good place and if I have to be honest I have been feeling a little ‘trapped’ in a workplace where I no longer feel valuable.  As with most places in this current climate, the workload is becoming so heavy and all-encompassing that I feel we have lost our identities and are just churning  through the work without any thought to the toll it is taking on our health or wellbeing which just makes me realise its not a place for me longterm. I need to work in a place where I feel valued and that I am contributing more than just turning up and racing through the day without much thought other than trying to get through the long list of things to do.  I have been asking myself why my new job had not appeared yet and I think I know the answer.  I have not been expressing joy or happiness about this part of my life, instead feeling burdened with my commute and daily grind.

And so I have realised that for me to attract a different job into my life, I need some serious soul uplifting experiences to get my vibrations flowing which will allow newness into my life once again.

So… to help me experience joy I took some leave to rest and recuperate. I decided that each day I am on leave I will do something which will make me smile and feel joy.

Day 1 I got ready to spend some quality time with my husband and met him for lunch.  On the way I drove through the quiet rolling paddocks between Drysdale and Queenscliff.  Every time I drive down this road I am reminded that my husband drives this very road every day and his life has come full circle which makes me believe that mine will too in time…We had a lovely lunch at a new cafe with glorious food and with the love from  my husband, I was already beginning to feel better…

On the way back home driving along the country roads with the sun shining, looking out at the cows grazing, bales of hay rolled up in symmetry on acres of farmland I turned up the radio and did something I have only remembered doing once or twice before, rolled down the window stuck my whole arm out and waved it to the beat of my radio as I sang along at the top of my voice.

I could feel my vibrations rising as I was rocking to some serious joy of just being back in my own surroundings! It wasn’t even a song I knew but the melody and rhythm resonated with me and for the whole way back home I was feeling very blissful.

Why don’t we have more moments like these when our soul clearly tells us we are in the right place?  Perhaps we do, and in our rush to live this crazy life and commute to jobs we don’t want to be, we just don’t hear it calling us.

Day 2. The arrival of Mia (My new little kitten)

Someone told me recently that cats find their owners.  I am not sure how true this is but all of a sudden I had this need to mother a tiny little animal again.  Somehow, I feel that Mia is here to distract me and make me smile each day while I am waiting for my world to turn. This little kitty is already giving me joy and definitely lifting my vibrations.  I envisage a long and beautiful relationship with our newest little arrival. I think she has arrived in my life for a reason.

Mia  (Italian for ‘mine’)


Day 3. A visit from my little sister.

Its always great to get some perspective from a family member who is proud of what you have achieved and how far you have come. I have spent 2 days talking to my youngest sister about dreams, where we have been and where we are going,  totally great for the soul. Any chance I have to show friends & family the joy of our surrounds at my beach retreat just makes me smile as I share my new found life with them.

Day 4. A bit of down time spent relaxing and bonding with my newest family member and showing my sister a few of my favourite local places.  We went on a due dilligence visit to the local winery Jack Rabbit Vineyards for breakfast to check out a contending venue for my 50th birthday celebration next year.


Day 5 & 6. Some housekeeping to keep the stresses at bay.

I have noticed if I do not have things in order and have bills paid and up to date on financial matters, I begin to get overwhelmed and therefore stressed. On this journey to my beach retreat, I have begun to live without clutter in my life and have learned to give or throw away anything I am not using, loving or wearing. This is still an ongoing learning experience but one of which when I listen to my inner soul I ‘know’ its the right thing for me to feel less confined, less stressed if I have things in order and uncluttered.

Day 7. Will see me back to work with a new strategy, to ignore the crap, stay clear of the negative, get in and get out with my soul intact each day and keep believing that my new job is just around the corner…each night as I go to sleep I need to envision where I want to be and check if my vibrations are up and if not I know an easy way to fix that ~ focus on what I am grateful for in my life of which I have so much to be grateful for…and then after the Christmas celebrations and New Years wishes which are not far away now we have clocked into December, my new job hopefully will be waiting for me to join it…and this job locally will give me time to find time for my real joys, more time to write, more time to paint and more time to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life…