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This week I had a good old laugh at myself.  Heading off Christmas eve to tackle the supermarkets I was writing my list of last minute things I needed to get to ensure my first Christmas lunch at my beach retreat was a success when my husband, who has done the supermarket shopping for the last 15 years, said to me ‘I put my list on my phone in the notes section‘ – me being a bit technologically challenged could not be bothered to do that and chose to ignore his suggestion while grabbing the nearest pen and the back of an envelope to begin my handwritten list; eggs, honey and mustard for glaze and fruit for pavlova and lots of little things we had forgotten at the last minute.

So off I went to park in Aldi Supermarket and began to make my way to grab a trolley forgetting that I needed the ‘trolley dime’ or a dollar coin to unlock the trolley.  As I struggled to locate a one or two dollar coin somewhere on me I did manage to find one at the bottom of my bag, and as I slid the coin into the slot I thought, goodness me, you really do need to plan a visit to the supermarket!

As I made my way inside along with my empty trolley and began to look at the shelves, my eyes went looking at everything which was not on my list. Whilst being distracted from all the goodies on the shelves (It’s interesting that the biscuits, sweets and other items not so good for you are located directly as you walk in the door), my phone rang which is rather rare, so I stopped to answer it in case it was my husband or one of the kids.

The caller was our property manager from Hocking Stuart who takes great care of our rental property in Melbourne.  He and I  have had a good year corresponding and liaising over a number of issues to get a bit of work done on our Melbourne property.  He was ringing to wish me and my husband a happy Christmas which I thought was lovely extra service on top of his Christmas card I had opened yesterday.  I was rather surprised at the added customer service Hocking Stuart provided their landlords and made a mental note to use them again given the opportunity.  I thanked him for his work this year and hung up only to find while I was talking to him, my mind had wandered and I had put down my shopping list somewhere between discussing repairs and new year resolutions and couldn’t for the life of me find it – ‘That’s just great” I thought, I am so bad at this supermarket caper, I’m hardly in the door and I can’t even hang on to the damn list!

At this point  I was berating myself and walking around the aisles trying to recall what was on that list – I was contemplating ringing my husband to mention that I had lost this great shopping list which worked better for me and perhaps he could remember what I had put on it, but thought better of it so spent another ten minutes retracing my steps trying to remember where I had stopped , perhaps the beach towels I had picked up or maybe I left it amongst the Christmas decorations I was admiring…

It was while I was contemplating on what to do next that I noticed a woman who’s trolley was overflowing with her families Christmas items, hams, salads, chips, a pavlova case, brandy snaps – everything under the sun you could want for a fantastic day – I was in total awe at the size of her overflowing trolley and said to her – Wow, how did you manage all of that by yourself?  To which she replied, this is the easy bit the shopping, tomorrow will be the hard bit.  As she and I went through the checkout the same time, I watched her pack everything into her car,  return her trolley without a hitch all awhile seemingly totally in control, I thought to myself, I’d better ring my husband as I didn’t have a clue what I had to get at the next supermarket and if I went home without it I wouldn’t be very popular.

So after cringing through my phone call as I sat in the Aldi car park I thought to myself, well, I can travel to a high stressed job 5 hours per day, create a Self-Managed Super Fund and buy property but I can’t get myself around a supermarket just proves to me that we are not all made of the same superwoman stuff, some of us are just better at different superwoman things.

Post script:  You will be pleased to know that I fed 10 people for Christmas dinner and that my pavlova got eaten and some even went back for seconds, I think I will try it again next year, perhaps with a cheesecake for desert this time…