This would have to be my favourite time of each year, when the Christmas rush is over and I still have time before heading back to work where I can spend a few days reflecting on what I did over the past year, what I would do again, what worked and what didnt…

It’s hard to believe that we are here again, another year notched against our life and I am finding as I am getting older that I really like to make each year count in getting things done or creating new ideas or perhaps expand on old ones…

Was 2013 a productive year for you? Did you manage to get the things you wanted to do done?  Were there changes to be made, people or habits  to embrace or leave behind?  All of us are given a gift each year and each day actually to begin again if that is what we choose, where we can start afresh…

For us, 2013 was a year of incredible excitement and extreme sadness.  I think it’s fair to say we experienced one of life’s most wonderful highs moving into our dream home down by the beach, to one of life’s most painful experiences – saying goodbye to my husband’s best mate, his lifelong friend and painfully watching a family try to grapple with this horror.

What a year it has been, packing up for the 2nd time in 12 months to arrive at our retirement dream place.  And after 6 months of living here already I know we have done the right thing. My beach retreat is taking on the flavour of a beautiful home, with whites and powder blues scattered throughout. Last week we planted our first plants to compliment my purple and silver garden in an area I ideally hope to grow vegetables one day but for now my working life just doesn’t lend the time for that – all in good time, that can come later.

For the past few years I have been dabbling in  “The Law of Attraction” principles and before you say its all hoopla and doesnt work I actually know that it does, if you have the correct mindset – for those unfamiliar with this concept it is a very old universal law which states – “what we think, we become” made more prominant lately through the movie ‘The Secret’

Now I am the first to admit, these principles are not easy to live by.  Life gets in the way and our human brain defaults to doubt when things are not going to plan, which then deflates any positive energy which was working for us.  But with perserverence and true belief, you can attract everything that you want in this life. By using these principles I have been able to get my family to where we are right now and I can assure you, we lived a very different picture 15 years ago.

My new mantra for 2014 is going to be “Less is more”  I want to live clutter free, that means keeping up with my bills and not let them overwhelm me which means getting rid of paperwork coming in each day,  deleting or filing emails as soon as I have read them, emptying my coins to start saving for an amazing trip planned for 2015 and just going with the flow a bit more, if I miss a train, so be it, no stress, I will still get home. And on my health radar, again cut down on sugar, eat more healthily, find time for meditation and yoga stretches each day and be very grateful every day for what has come my way for I know that this is the key to having more goodness in your life.

2014 is already huge in my mind and it hasnt even began!  It will be my 50th year on this earth. This in itself is a strange concept to get my head around.  I want to embrace my age and not feel bad because of the years I have had on this earth.  I feel blessed that I am still here and healthy and able to do what I want to do in this lifetime.  It is also my husband and my 25th wedding anniversary which again is something to be proud of and I hope to get to celebrate it in style this year.

Our biggest challenge this year will be to renovate and sell our first home. I hope and pray this will be an easy task we will find new owners to take over our first little house which holds wonderful memories of where I bought up my children.

I am also praying that this is the year everything will fall into place for my son Matt and his health issues will deminsh allowing for his confidence in life to return once more, that my daughter Mel will begin her Fine Arts degree and become very well invested in the art world creating a new future for her, and that our daughter Bre find peace in bringing up her children, finalising and saying goodbye to a life she once had, but learning to expand and grow out on her own with the determination and drive I know she has.

Yes, this next year promises to be full of surprise, challenges and hopefully many beautiful moments as we say goodbye to the old, and welcome in the new – Happy New Year to all my friends and family, I hope to expand mybeachretreat to include a business side to it soon and plan to spend a lot of 2014 researching and working out how to make this happen.

One thing I know for sure is that as my life is getting older, I am teaching myself how to appreciate all I have in my life, to slow down to endure the beauty of it all and not let it rush past me…and for all my friends and family who have not had such a good year, I pray that 2014 is a year which turns around for you and gives you hope that better times are on their way…

So…what are you going to dream about with a whole new year open to you?