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This week I earned a new title, an empty nester.

emp′ty nest′er n. a person whose children have grown up and no longer live at home.

Yes, well that is us, this week,  and definately for the next six weeks and then we’ll see after that if it will be a permanent title.  Two days ago, our son Matt left home (for the second time he reminded me this week) but the first time our daughter Mel was still living with us so technically we still had dependants at home. This time we dont. Which means this time we really are empty nesters.

I didnt realise the house seems much bigger without your children in it.  And much cleaner. With less clutter. And less noisy.

In fact I really had not anticipated this new state at all.

I guess when your children are born they become so much a part of you for the next couple of decades that you never imagine your life without them in it everyday asking questions, seeking answers, guiding them with solutions to all their problems,

coaching them,

nursing them,

loving them,










requesting help from them,

getting them to help me with the internet once again…

or helping me fix the TV channels I have mucked up again,

or looking for someone to watch a Seinfeld or Frasier episode with…

Yep, its pretty quiet around here,  with just the two of us,  it’s going to be a whole new way of living.

I am so grateful this week that my husband and I still adore each other and are the best of friends otherwise this might have been a really tough gig…

Thanks Matt for being the best ‘housemate’ we could ever ask for, gonna miss you mate xx