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My husband and I love to get out and about each weekend exploring, he with his camera, forever hanging over his shoulder, me with my comfy shoes, bottle of water, sunscreen and just enough money to sit for a coffee somewhere as we never know when we will be back. Once Bill sets out he can be gone for hours…

Lucky for us we both like the same things,  homeware shops, nature and beautiful old tressle bridges or old buildings which ooze character and look spectacular as a framed photograph on a wall. (Not that I have had anytime to print any out yet, but its on my big list of things to do).

My husband is an avid photographer and has photographed many amazing shots.  I am trying to convince him to get them printed in order to sell them as most of them are pretty damn good.  The plan for my beach retreat is to have a whole wall dedicated to Bill’s photos, or maybe two walls as I love the simplicity of his black and white photos but also adore them in colour.  If you are not familiar with his photos, here’s a sneek peek of the beauty that will one day adorn my walls…

SONY DSC                    SONY DSC


black and white beach step   black and white fence

black and white field    black and white shutters    black and white wall    colour wheat  colour a

Colour changing…

You may recall before I moved here I was deciding what colour to do the house in and we decided on powder french blues, charcoals and whites and mix in taupes and beiges throughout.  Now that we have been living with these colours we have found that we actually need a brighter colour or colours to lift the loungroom as it became a bit dark since we purchased our beautiful cabinet from Provincial Home Living. This dominates the lounge room and its beauty needs to be showcased by pretty colours around it.


On a recent drive to a little town west of Geelong named Inverleigh we came across a lovely fresh homewares store named High_Eight what is fast becoming an addition on our list of favourite stores.   That day my husband wanted to come home with a yellow cushion he had seen on our first visit, but I was still not sold on yellow being part of my pallet. In fact, I had not even considered yellow prior to this, but going through some designer pages and images online and finding pics like the lovely cushions below, it appears that yellow and grey are actually a design match made in heaven and is beginning to grow on me. We did, however come home with a few select items with a little bit of yellow and teal which work quite well:

IMG_7940     IMG_7866

My hubby is right, the lounge room does needs a colour lift, so I think adding teal and yellows to the mix, will get rid of the darkness when you first walk in.  Once we get around to painting the high ceiling white this will make a huge difference to that room. I still want the main feel to reflect the french style furniture and also plan to copy a bit of Sarah Richardson style,  by rehupholstering some old chairs in pale floral blues and greys as well.

So…now that I have had some time to explore and let this new colour filter into my brain I quite like the mix complete with grey and white as well.  And seeing as teal also seems to work in with these colours fabulously a few nice pieces around will certainly lift what was looking a bit drab.

Perhaps my beach retreat is still a work in progress and is not going to be how I first imagined it to be… I often wonder what the house will look like in 5 or 10 years time when I am able to complete all my plans. It now looks like it may be a little different to what I was first thinking which is just fine…it keeps life interesting I think!