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My present to myself this next important birthday is to begin my list of 50 things I still want to do and with each year that goes by mark off at least 2 of these items.  By my maths calculations that should keep me busy for the next 25 years. Some will be harder to do than others, some will take longer to achieve as I might need to learn something or save money to achieve them such as my number 3 dream of “living in Provence for two weeks of my life” is going to involve learning a bit of French and saving quite a bit of money. But I know that when the day comes where I close my eyes for the very last time, I don’t want to be thinking, I never did get to live those two weeks in Provence and see those spectacular rows and rows of lavender…

So, if you will let me indulge, here is the start of the list of my 50 things I would like to do before I depart this earth.  I hope that by writing down mine you too might be inspired to at least think of what dreams are in your head that you really would like to do or even write down your own ‘bucket list’ or simply call it a list of ‘things I want to do‘, it doesnt have to do with departing without regrets, its about creating joy in your life and living your life on purpose.

It’s a way of getting those dreams out of your head and onto paper where they begin to come alive

and as you really start to think about the how’s and when they can be achieved,

this is when the magic of believing starts to show its beautiful face

and life becomes full of synchronic moments

and meaningful happenstances

bringing your dreams to life

Don’t think your list has to remain permanent either, mine changes all the time. Sometimes I decide for whatever reason, its just not viable to do something on my list so off it goes and gets replaced pretty quickly with another idea.  Your list can be as fluid as life, swapping and changing with the ebs and flows. But one thing I have realised over time is that your ‘soul dreams‘ your purpose for being here never goes away.  If you have a burning desire to go somewhere or do something, no matter how quiet you think it becomes as life takes over, it inevitably pops its head up from time to time to remind you that its not ever going to leave you until you complete the journey.

So in a way, turning 50 this year is another reason to celebrate; my new list of things I want to do to get started on.  Here is a preview of this list I have begun. I am sharing the first 25 off my list which are in no particular order or importance, just as I thought of them. As I work my way through these, they will give birth to new dreams and ideas which I can then fill up the rest of my list:


1. Get a job I love at Deakin Waterfront which is 26 minutes from my house

2.  Work part time, that is 3 or 4 days per week

3.  Spend at least 2 weeks in Provence or Aix-en-Provence after a week in Paris


4. Spend 3 weeks travelling through Italy travelling via train from France visiting Venice, The Lakes, Positano onThe Almalfi Coast and Tuscany are the four most important places on my list of ‘must see’

5. Take my husband to visit his best friend’s homeland in Scotland and visit Edinburgh.

6. Write a book, be it on the Law of Attraction, goal setting or the like, I am not sure if it will be fictional or non fiction but I need to have some writing classes to refine what is in my head.

7. Join up to some writing classes, either online or locally

8. Find/save $4,000 to pay for a life coaching course

9. Begin my new career as a life coach from late 50’s and build this part time

10, 11,12. Take the train across the Canadian Rockies and lakes then down to Niagra Falls and visit New England again


13. Retire at 60 with enough money to live comfortably, be able to travel, write, coach and live peacefully on the beautiful Bellarine.

14. Grow my own produce in the garden to become self sufficient

15. See how long I can grow my hair for the first time since I was a young girl

16. Become sugar free for life

17. Maintain a healthy weight which for me is no heavier than 65kg

18. Become financially free/mortgage free

19. Read all the books I have listed on my ‘must read list’

20. Sell my first home for a profit

21. Drive around Tasmania from top to bottom and stay at Cradle Mountain where I had booked our honeymoon 25 years ago but we never got there

22. When I am in Italy, stay with an Italian family and take lessons on making pasta from scratch

23. Buy a beautiful cottage for the backyard I can make as my ‘studio’ or a visitors retreat

24. Take up art lessons and learn to paint again

25. Sell my art at local markets along with my husband’s beautiful photography

As I got further down the list I found it slightly difficult finding 50 things I want to do at this stage of my life as I have been very busy with the first half of my life ticking off my perpetual dream list.  I am most grateful for all those dreams I have already achieved and cannot wait for the rest of my dreams to show up in my life, as it is then when I feel truly alive, knowing I am living my life, my way, the way I designed it.

Have fun as you write your list, dont censor it, it can be as crazy as you like as large as you like or something small, its all attainable if you truly believe that you can have it and set goals to achieve it.

Would love to hear from others on what their dreams are and how they plan to achieve them!

Remember, just never stop believing…