We often hear the term in life ‘Its his or her calling” – what does this mean exactly? 

Do we all have a ‘calling’ – is it something we grow into,

find along the way or

is it with us from the very beginning?

My sister flew to Ireland last week with her 10 year old daughter – on a whim.  Well, I say in jest ‘on a whim’ but she says Ireland has been calling her for decades and she finally began to listen.  She has lived with this yearning all of her life and finally decided to seek out whatever it was that has been nudging her to go. At times this ‘calling’ appeared as a faint whisper  whistling in the wind, other times loudly knocking while hauntingly annoying her as she struggled with the ‘how on earth am I going to do this?’.  And so after years of familiar sounds, music, past vague memories of a place that she had never been to began calling out louder to her, she romantically began to dream the impossible that just maybe it could be within reach if she trusted her heart.

So off she went after scraping and saving the fare and without much planning at all except for a strong faith, lifelong fantasy and a heart full of passion, she arrived on the other side of the world in a place she could only describe as ‘home’.

Did her calling promise smooth sailing, heck no, the trip over there was full of comical disasters, the first of which her flight to Sydney was delayed which left her 5 minutes to catch her connecting flight. With announcements over the loud speaker at Sydney airport for the final calling for the two of them they raced down 35 gates to finally be let onto their plane. Once seated they realised that they were the only ones on the whole plane who’s TV equipment seemed to be faulty so for the duration of the 15 hour flight were left twiddling their thumbs. And if that wasn’t bad enough, when they finally did land, their luggage was nowhere to be seen!  You name it what could go wrong did but after 3 days of getting over the jetlag and shock of all of that, she began to feel the rightness and perfectness of where she was and just ‘knew’ that this trip had been calling her her whole life.

Listening to my sister’s journey has made me consider. Do I have a calling? I have often wondered over my lifetime what that calling is?  Is there something else I should be doing with my life?

I know I have something creative in me that needs to be expressed. Whether its writing or painting or photography or all of the above, I am sure of one thing and that is my career to date is not what I should be doing, if only I could figure out what it is I am meant to do…

My inspiring stepdaughter who has bravely experienced the fallout of her marriage after 10 years has discovered amongst the pain and shattered illusion of what she thought her life was going to be, that she now has a second chance to do what she has always wanted and until now only realised that her dreams were compromised in a marriage which did not allow her to express what her true calling was in this life. I look forward to seeing where her ‘calling’ takes her.

Some people are lucky enough to know at an early age what they are meant to do. Most of us are not so fortunate and linger through decades trying to work out what it is. We are encouraged to work hard, get degrees which lead to more degrees that hopefully will lead to ‘well paid’ jobs but rarely are we encouraged to search inwards and find out what it is we are truly passionate about which I believe is our true calling.  If you can find this then you have found the answer to your true reason for being here.

This message keeps coming back to me that going in the same direction I have been going is not going to satisfy me.  I cant even get employers to understand why I am willing to take a pay cut in place of a 5.15 hour daily commute at the moment. I am becoming increasingly frustrated after trying to explain to selection committees that no, I am not looking for a higher paid job which will take away the time I like to spend with family or stress me to the point where my health is suffering.  What is it that makes organisations think that this is all there is, that if you dont want to keep climbing higher then there is something the matter with you?

Lately, something else has been gnawing at me, gently knocking at my creative side, could this be the time to blow caution to the wind and change my direction entirely?  I began this blog as an outlet for my creative spirit, recently expanding it to a facebook page which is slowly getting more likes and being shared across the globe.  Something is telling me to push this idea a little further, stretch it to where I have not tread before, begin the dialogue with anyone who will listen on how, where, and what I need to get my business idea off the ground.

Time will tell if I am meant to venture to new horizons and leave the past in the past.  Practicality tells me I need money to begin something new, so freeing up some cash is a good way to spend the rest of the year in order to lay down some foundations of what could become my new career. In the meantime I must remain open to new ideas, new people and above all listen to my soul’s message as it directs me in the most perfect way and in the most perfect time.

Is it time for you to listen to your soul?  If you are unhappy in an area of your life, be it home or work, then the signs are there to make a change, to listen and to grow…into a happier and more satisfied version of you. Dont waste too much time wondering what if?