After 11 months of getting up each morning to trek my 2.5 hour journey to work I sometimes am a little less than energetic first thing in the morning, nor is my brain in gear, so it was no surprise to me when I got to the train station this morning and went to get my weekly pass on my myki which I always leave in my coat pocket as you need to get it out a total of 7 times before you get to work, I realised I had left my wallet besides my laptop which I did not turn off the night before, nor put my wallet back into my bag, a sure sign I must have just dragged myself to slumber.

With no wallet to pay for my next weekly ticket and my pass displaying a debit of 90cents I could not get on the train to Melbourne nor could I even get on the bus to go back home to retrieve that wallet of mine.  While I tearfully tried to explain my dilemma to my husband on the phone I noticed a man sitting nearby listening to my woes and when I hung up the phone he looked at me and said “how much do you need for the day, ring your husband back and tell him its all sorted”

I was quite amazed at this man’s actions. I think these days we see so many people just suiting themselves and never giving a second thought of anyone but their own needs first that this man’s actions took me quite by surprise. Here I was in a moment of need and a total stranger reached out to help me.  This man was not interested in taking my number, or even asking for my name nor did he proceed to tell me how to get the money back to him. He genuinely reached out to help a lady in distress as I was at that moment.  I blubbed something about being so grateful and asked him his name but it did not sink in, so I said I would get it back to him the next morning.  At the time the whole thing seemed a bit surreal and I remember thinking, where did this man appear from and who was he?  A tiny thought at the back of my mind said to me, the angels took care of you this morning as I nodded up to the heavens in thanks.

The next morning I went back to the table at the same time to see if he would be sitting there waiting for me. He was exactly where I had seen him the day before so I was able to pay back this man.  It reminds me to always be generous and kind to everyone as you just dont know when you will be in a situation where you are needing some help.

I believe there are angels who walk amongst us in this life who are just like us, living a human life.  There is another story I hold dear to my heart about another angel who appeared in our lives always at the very time we needed a helping hand.  Her name was Brenda and she helped us in so many incredible ways that I know we owe where we are today to this lady.  She also asked for nothing in return for helping Bill get back into the workforce after 6 years of being at home after being medically discharged from the Army which left him both physically and mentally in bad shape. Patiently, bit by bit she encouraged my husband to work again and subsequently helped give Bill his life back by getting him back into the workforce and feeling useful again. Because of Brenda we were able to buy our first home and haven’t looked back since.

I think people come into your life for many different reasons and at just the right time, that is how its been in my life anyway. One of my favourite quotes which always reminds me that we are all connected and one of our main purpose in life is to love and help each other through together – ‘We are all just walking each other home” is a beautiful, gentle reminder that our lives here are not just about us…