Its funny when you remember something you used to do regularly then somehow for whatever reason you have just  forgotten to do it and you stop the practice for one reason or another.  Quite a few years back now twice a year I would set aside a whole weekend to give my body a detox.  It was quite a ritual, I would shop for what I needed on the Friday night, gathering all my organic foods, herbs and teas, grab some silly movies or good reading books as I intended lying around for most of the weekend and made sure I did not have to go anywhere where I would be tempted to stuff a sugary muffin into my mouth.

So from Friday night I would make a huge pot of vegetable soup with all goodness, barley, garlic, ginger, and any other warming foods I could think of and settle in for the weekend. I also bought lemons to add to my herbal teas and nuts for snacks in between my meals. Basically this meant, no sugary foods of any kind, no white breads, pasta, rice or packaged foods and no coffee for a good three days to give my body a break from preservatives and toxins.  I  tried to continue it throughout the Monday if I still could manage it then reintroduce my ‘normal’ diet back on the Tuesday.  I really believed this twice yearly detox was good for me and I am sure my body was very grateful for the break.  So why have I not done this for many years?  I think my busy life just got in the way but the memory of this ritual has been knocking quite loudly lately and one of the things I am learning to do is to listen to our inner wisdom when its trying to tell you something.

As I have been gearing up to turning 50 this year, it has really marked a line in the sand for me to stop saying I am going to get healthy and actually do it.  Turning 50 is the catalyst, to finally realise that I cant keep doing the same things I have done for the last 30 years without damaging some cells and I am determined to stay here in my life for at least another 3 decades.  This means then its time to really ditch the sugar and white bread which I have known for a long time the damaging effects of, the problem is I am addicted to both of them, so I will need to revisit my old ritual of detoxing which helps the cravings stay at bay and I am hoping can be the start of some great habits to last for the rest of my life.

Sarah Wilson, who is the creator of I Quit Sugar which I have followed loosely (that means I have tried and failed a few times) is my inspiration and I am determined to keep on trying as I know this thought process of me becoming sugar free is not going away. There is a new health wave beginning to emerge which has me excited citing the dangers of our sugary life and the fact that low fat really is not working considering all the obesity in the world, it seems as if the giants of the food industry has had it all wrong for a number of decades and now are beginning to realise that fats (certain types) are good for you, such as butter, meat and whole cream milk.  Sugar is definately my achilles heel and I have struggled for many years trying to give it up, but I am kind to myself knowing that I am addicted to it and have tried to cut it right down. Unfortunately life’s stressors is what sends me looking for sugar as a crutch. The problem is with me, its like smoking all over again, have one and I am back on the bandwagon, cut it out of my life and I think I will do much better.

So I like that I have turned 50 – its a great excuse for me to engage in better eating habits.  And habits is just what they are.  Today I went out for breaky and ordered eggs salmon and avocado, see not so hard, I know I can do this, I just need to see it as a good thing not that I am depriving myself of anything. Once I get rid of the vicious craving cycle I will still eat sweets however I plan to make them myself with fruit or honey to sweeten foods instead. I am planning my detox next weekend and am actually looking forward to it as its been some time since I honoured my body the goodness it deserves.

I am hoping this ritual will inspire me to ditch other things in my life which may be weighing my energies down. In fact I think my turning 50 will be the catalyst for many changes I have been wanting to make for a long time but out of laziness or time restraints just havent done them.  Now feels like the perfect time to introduce some of those changes…

Here’s some inspiration for some ‘Winter Detox’ ideas/programs I like to take a bit from each and then do my own detox plan.

Feel free to join me…your body will thank you for it 🙂,19077