I have always believed you need to close doors when you want newness to come into your life.  This is how I feel about what is going on around us at the moment.  The time has arrived where we are needing to close the door on our past in order to move fully into our new life, the life we have created here which actually, for me reflects the second half of our married life. It is no coincidence that this year also happens to be our 25th wedding anniversary, a silver celebration of the life we have shared over the past 25 years making room for the future life which awaits us.

Very soon we will be spending a couple of weeks painting and cleaning up our old house in Melbourne getting it ready for sale.  I hold fond memories of this house as it is the home where we bought up our children, the first home we bought together against all the odds, a home I never thought I would ever have and even though it was falling down around us, desperately needing some money to put into it, we did the best we could while we were there.  I fell in love with the shutters and lead light we put in to brighten up the lounge room, loved watching our iron fence go up and the back deck after dreaming of these additions over the years.

Without this house, we would not be where we have ended up, our beautiful beach retreat, so for that I am truly grateful.  I am also grateful that our old house gave my two children a place to call home while they were growing up filled with lot of happy memories and I know that it holds a special place in their hearts and always will. It has kept our daughter safe over the past two years while we did our transition to our new life.  This weekend she bid a final farewell to her childhood home and has moved on to make a new life herself.


But as all good things sometimes have to end, its time for this home to go to perhaps another young family or maybe a builder who thinks our home is just right for their next renovation project.  I pray that this is so, financially the burden is too difficult to keep and this keeps me stuck in a daily rut which has made it hard for me to look at our wonderful future in front of us while we still have ties with the past

So, I guess this post is about learning to trust.  Trusting the next step even when we cant see it, as it will all be revealed to us in time.  Trusting ourselves to know that we have gone through so many tough times alongside the most beautiful times over the past 25 years and that this is just another transition, another part of our journey, one which together we will sail through. The important thing is to keep our end goals in sight, our new dreams which we will keep striving for, our long awaited overseas trip, the beautiful renovations we have in our minds for our new home which we absolutely adore and Bills boat for when he retires.

I have a very strong feeling that once we close this door to Melbourne, our ties will be cut and we will truly feel like we now belong in our new life, the life we have chosen for the rest of our days. Perhaps by closing this door it will assist in creating new ways, and help propel our new life forward whether it be a new way of working or just simply living more peacefully knowing that we no longer have financial ties to where we once were…

Fresh start. Today I did close the door to the past, and made a giant step towards the future, a better future.