Well, after a rather busy few months I can finally  see an end to one road and a beautiful windy path opening to a whole new adventure before us. Our house sold!!  It sold within 2 weeks just like the realestate agents said it would.  I did have a few anxious nights when I thought people would try to cut us down and negotiate low on the back half of the house which did require some work and money put into it, money we did not have, but sure enough someone with vision came along to live in it until they are ready to fix it up.  It sold at a great price and will be a wonderful investment for a young couple  starting off their new life in Watsonia.

I am so very grateful and thankful that ‘Medbury’ sold without a hitch and I often look back at it all and wonder –

why do I doubt this journey I am on,

I know the universe has ‘got this.’

Sitting in my beach retreat today on a day off makes me smile as I look around at where we have landed.  The excitement of being able to finally begin renovating this place now is palpable and I have a list of many things I want done, not quite sure where to begin! One of the first things I want to do is reorganise my work schedule so that I can go back to having my Wednesdays off so I can ‘catch my breath’ and sit here and really embrace living in my new surrounds.  I love my sanctuary I call ‘home’.  I love all my pretty things and the way Bill arranges them, he really should have been an interior designer, I think he would have been a wonderful one!

Last week I had a blind company come to give me a quote on shutters for the kitchen. The thought of living with beautiful shutters again makes me grin from ear to ear.  I am now ready to embrace my new wonderful life down on the coast in full instead of feeling like I half live there. Very soon I will be immersed in arranging contractors for quotes on various things we have dreamt for this place over the past 12 months, the wooden ceiling painted white, a new gravel driveway, my butlers sink in the kitchen along with beautiful taps, wooden flooring perhaps to replace the cork currently under-feet and the cottage to go in the back yard. This will be such a beautiful space for me to unwind, get out my easel after 27 years and begin to explore again the world of colour.  There is so much inspiration down here to draw from.  The last painting I painted was for Bill just before we were married. That is far too long between paintbrushes, I think its time for me to lighten up and reclaim some of my favourite pastimes.

We have a very special plan to go on a world trip with our beautiful friend Lisa and now this has become a reality.  I can now finally begin to plan it which I love to do and want to make this trip so very special for us all. We need to wait until 2016 for this one but that gives us plenty of time to work out what we all want to do.

By the time we organise a few new things to get done for our beach house it will be Christmas once again, then we are heading over to Tasmania to have the honeymoon we did not get to have 25 years ago.  I have something very special in store for this celebration, and as hard as its been I am keeping it a surprise for my husband.

So, Monday morning the removal truck will arrive to carry the last of our items out of Medbury Ave and close the door behind us for the very last time. The memories we hold in our hearts will always be very special as we bought our family up here and now it has given us our new life, the life we have always wanted in our new place we now call  ‘home’

medbury Wisteria at Medbury Sold