I am currently creating my new future.  I have been waiting for this opportunity for such a long time and this year it came.  At the beginning of the year, I had no intention of selling our Melbourne home, however the winds of change came our way and the opportunity of beginning a course I have dreamt about doing for many years wondering when I would have the money to do it was an easy choice once settlement arrived.  The starting of this course brings opportunity of a new life, a new career and a new direction.

Only one slight problem, I am terrified!  But also very, very excited and if I just take my time doing what is expected, all the homework, and practice my skills in becoming a good coach, then my dream of coaching will become a reality.

I have already found some clients who I can practice pro bono with next year and can also practice on a couple of other coaches who are doing my course, then after a little while I will be ready to charge for my services. This is going to take a shift in my mind as I have always been paid a salary for my services or good work.  I think I will practice imagining that the normal  service I provide in my day job is dependent on me getting a great salary which is how we should always think then this will help to shift my mindset to that of a business owner.

Its now almost time for the calendar to click over to a new year, and with that always brings new opportunities. I am intending that my new year will bring many of them. With another Christmas locked away in our memories, my mind diverts to the new year approaching and what we can do with it.  How absolutely incredible to be given the gift of a new year, an opportunity to set new goals and dreams! I always find this time of the year hopeful, full of wonder and anticipation of how a new year will unfold before my very eyes.

What is it that I want for 2015?

I want to be more in control of my life next year. This year getting used to my long commute I felt as though I was just ‘existing’ amongst the tiredness of it all. Considering all of this on top of such a busy year, I think I did pretty well in 2014, but think I can also do better.

In 2015,  I hope to make time for regular health/healing activities such as meditation and yoga.  I want to sort out paperwork each week instead of leaving it all piled up and stressing me out.  I want to keep on top of my bills which means less clutter. I know that my cottage which is about to be built next month is going to be good for all of that.  I will have a space just for me which will instill new habits, such as setting aside an hour each evening to do some stretching or yoga,  going back to a forgotten habit of gratefulness and writing 3 things I am grateful for everyday. I also want to give Bill back his ‘day off’ where he does not have to cook or do anything after work like we used to have, once a week come home from work and do anything you wish besides ‘house cleaning/cooking or organising stuff,’  just total free time to do as he pleases.  Its easy to fall out of habits, even good habits because you just get too busy or tired or replace the time with other things. 2015, for me will be about refocusing on where I want to be heading which includes time to purposefully design the life I want.

Tomorrow I will be packing for a very important break away. Bill and I are flying over to Tasmania for four nights to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Even though the actual day was in September, we were busy with selling our home and could not get away, however I made plans to celebrate this special milestone once we both had some leave.

The place where we are staying at is a story in itself and you know how much I love stories! We will be staying in two different places, the first a beautiful cottage just outside of Launceston and then we will drive to what I hope will be spectacular accommodation on Lake St Clare.  Our home for two nights over the New Year will be in an old Pumphouse which has been refurbished in the most beautiful wilderness of Tasmania.  I have deliberately managed to keep this a surprise as those who know my husband also know that his passion is photography and this place is a photographers heaven.  I have made him promise to not click on the link below but wanted to put it in here as its a big part of this story. Be prepared for your jaw to drop!


Ahhh, everytime I view it I chuckle out loud! Twenty five years ago, I had booked a trip to Cradle Mountain for our honeymoon, however we only had a simple budget for the wedding and subsequently the honeymoon had to be cancelled then along came bringing up my family for the past 2 decades with not much chance of taking a wilderness holiday in Tasmania.  Now, we are finally heading there in a couple of days, yes 25 years later which makes it so much more special.  For me, this trip represents 25 years thanks of solid hard work, companionship and compromises, tears and laughter with deepening love and pride for where we are now.

As we head into a new year just around the corner, don’t feel disheartened if the dream or goal you set for this year was not accomplished.  There were a few things I didn’t get accomplished either, they just go onto next years list. As long as you are taking breath you will have opportunities to do what it is you wish to do.  And if you are anything like me, my list keeps expanding!

So, as one year closes and another soon opens, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you a most fantastic New Year as you can see I will be quite remote on New Years Eve.   I also want to thank you for helping keep this blog alive. This thanks is from the bottom of my heart and your interest is incredibly important to me. Writing keeps my soul alive, so in effect, you reading the posts, commenting and connecting through my words gives this blog momentum and urges me to keep going.  I have big plans for 2015, one of which is finishing my course and my beach retreat life coaching story will be a big part of that journey.


If there is something that you really want but do not know how its going to happen, don’t concern yourself too much about the ‘how’s. Concentrate on what it will be like when you have that dream, when it finally is yours ~ its usually a feeling of pure joy. Start by feeling how you would feel if it was in your sights now, that’s where you need to be in order to create your dream. Dream big, dream large and dream often, for its in the imagining that the reality will arrive ~ even if it is 25 years later…