“Now is the time to consider the things that no longer serve you, and to let them go,

just like the leaves dropping from the trees.

Whether it’s resentment, sorrow or a need to please,

we all cling to things that ultimately hold us back,

and it’s now time to reflect and figure out how to let these things go and move forward.”

I found this quote today and thought it timely to share seeing as the end of the year is nearer than any of us would like to believe.  Christmas is exactly 16 days away!  They say time flies faster as you get older but this year has been ridiculous!

With the decision to sell our Melbourne home to notifying the end of lease for the renters, coordinating the huge project of cleaning, fixing the house up and then putting it on the market, I feel we have not stopped for breath since about August.

I often get to this point of the year and look back and realise – did I really do all of that? I am very grateful that I have had mainly great health all year to get all the things we needed to do done,  or perhaps I have been running on adrenalin all year as I now feel like I am slowing down a bit but I am proud to say we made it!  And to celebrate the success of this year I have a wonderful 4 day break planned for my hubby and I over in Tasmania which I can only describe as a delightful surprise to celebrate properly our 25 years of marriage.  On our Anniversary, which was in September we were sleeping on the floor of our old house surrounded by buckets, paint and hardly anything to sit on, not quite how I wanted to celebrate this special milestone 🙂

I find the next few weeks at work a bit frustrating as we are right in the middle of our most stressful time when all I really want to do is slow down, sit and reflect on the year behind me.  I always get a kick out of this time of the year where I can look back at what I have achieved and really take time to reflect on my blessings of which I have many.  I know the new year is coming soon and I will have another chance to make new lists and goals.  Obviously we don’t need a new year to do this, we can start tomorrow if we wanted to as each and every day is a chance to begin newness in our lives.  I, however, do get a lot out of the joy of new beginnings and get very excited about what I can add to my list of things I want to do or change.

This weekend I plan to declutter. Its a perfect time  to get rid of things that no longer serve me as I want a whole lot of newness to enter my life next year.  I have big plans on creating a new direction for myself and in order for new to come into your life, I believe you need to let go of some things which may not serve you any longer or you may just be holding on to for no particular reason.

Give stuff away, help out someone who could use what you no longer require or need.  Clearing out to make way for new is refreshing and uplifting. Its also a time to have a long think of actions or habits which no longer serve us.  We as a family are going to try following a Paleo diet in the new year to help us all with some health issues and endeavor to buy fresh produce from our local markets on the Bellarine, another great way to get out and about on the weekend and enjoy how very special this area is.

Is there anything you want to leave behind so it does not follow you into another year?

“If you like whats occurring in your life right now, keep telling that story. 

If you don’t like whats occurring in your life,

don’t keep telling that story…”