I love looking back at a year of my life in retrospect and see where I was in the beginning to where I am now. Wow, a lot can happen in one year or a lot can stay the same…which is ok if you are happy with the same, however, I believe we are meant to keep moving and growing through what we call ‘our lives’. Some of these years are monumental, others nonchalant and even can be tragically horrendous but lately my years have become purposeful as I mark my sights on certain things to be accomplished throughout each year and this year was no different.  I guess I like ticking things off my bucket list as I don’t want to miss out on all the wonderful things I have in store for this lifetime…

Its been a good year for us this year, busy and exhausting at times but good all the same. Each year as it is closing, I like to select my favourite moment of each year, a memory which is etched in time of something which occurred and means the world to me or has changed my life in a significant way. This years winner has to be the selling of our Melbourne home for various reasons one of which at the beginning of the year I had no intention of unloading this investment, however a deep shift occurred during the year which made me realise that the answer to solving my commuting problem lay right under my nose and the fact loomed loudly that this property was weighing me down, emotionally and financially and was preventing me from being free from my 14 hour days.

To sell this house meant I could be free of  unnecessary burdens and subsequently became the answer to a couple of other dreams to fulfill; our wonderful world trip planned in 2016 and the ability to build my cottage to enable me to focus on a new direction in my life.  So again, life whispered to me what I needed to do in order for my life to move forward and I just ‘knew’ it was the right thing to do. I have no idea what comes next with this new direction, all I know is a new year is on its way with so much opportunity for change and growth.  Its exciting and scary at the same time, but I know if I just trust in my instincts, follow my intuition, it will lead me to my right path.


Another memory for 2014 which was really significant was turning 50.  It was one birthday which has bought with it surprising feelings of ‘OMG I am fifty!’ To ‘hey I feel so incredibly blessed to be here’ and grateful to still be healthy and able to do at this stage of my life pretty much what I want to. I celebrated the day in style with wonderful family and friends who made it incredibly enjoyable so thankyou all who shared in this special day with me, something I wont forget.

As we head towards the end of 2014, I have a couple more days of work left.  Already I am feeling lighter as I have negotiated once again to have my Wednesdays off, one day a week where I have time just for me to rest and recalibrate & dream of what’s next. My days off are very precious to me, they make me feel alive and balanced.

2015 will be a year of enormous growth for me, I am studying to become a life coach.  I will be busy learning all about this newly chosen career and will be practicing my skills on other coaches as well as some close family and friends.

Is this challenging at my age? Hell yes, I am actually quite terrified right now and am doing a lot of procrastinating, but I know in my heart, its a path I have always wanted to pursue and one which I am hugely passionate about, to be a beacon in helping others reach their dreams and achieve their goals is a fulfilling path which I want to pursue.  Right now I need strength to get myself through the course as it is quite challenging to fit in amongst my full days of work and commuting. Then I need to find courage to step outside my comfort zone and learn to coach and be coached by others.  I know this will get easier and I will become more comfortable with it in time. At the moment it’s all new and will be a huge change for me. For the past 30 years I have always worked for someone else so to be working for myself eventually is a whole new ball game.  But I know that I am being led in this direction so I am listening and following my instincts which have never once let me down.  I know there are amazing things waiting….right on the other side of my comfort zone…

I am now ready to take a chance

I am now ready to live the life I was born to live

I am heading

in the right


I am going to leave this post with a beautiful video of an inspirational speaker who reminds us that life is here for us to take into our hands and live out our dreams or desires.

Take the time out to listen to this wonderful and most powerful message this talk encapsulates what’s most important in life ~ enjoy…