My new years wish

This beautiful wish written by Neil Gaiman struck a chord with me today as I sat here contemplating the year ahead.  I have been ill for the past couple of days and away before that so I hadn’t had time to really sit and ponder, something I absolutely love to do at this time of the year before going back to work so I took the opportunity today while my house was beautiful and quiet to reflect and consider all the possibilities open to me in the new year.

Bravery is a word I don’t think of often relating to myself but am realising that its something which has been surrounding me for quite a while now. To move away from everything we had known and start afresh in a town far away from friends and family is brave.  To commute 5.5 hours everyday without giving in and quiting is brave.  To acknowledge that your heart is no longer in a job you travel long distances for is brave.  And to set a new goal creating a plan for the new year is also brave.

So I guess this year for me, is about stepping outside my comfort zone and creating a reality which I can love completely, not just halfway, to be fully present in my surrounds not just on the weekends. Brave is a word which is going to play a big part of my life this year.  I need to be brave to make the changes I am about to make in order for my life to move forward.  I need to be brave to move out of my comfort zone and move from a job which pays well and believe that my lifestyle will not suffer. Its so much easier to not let any changes into our lives but then nothing happens, it all just stays the same and we are never fully fulfilled. There is so much truth to the following quote, another of my favourites:

My intuition is spot on, actually everyone’s is, that is why we have it.  To learn to listen to this intuition is the difference of whether we live our lives listening to our souls or our egos.

I’d much rather listen to what my intuition tells me as I have learned that its spot on and is guiding me even though at times I fight it, the message keeps returning until I actually do something about it.

So, as I begin my new brave year I hope that yours too will be brave.  Perhaps there is something you no longer wish to keep fighting with or perhaps you can plan to do something you have never done before.  With a whole new year ahead of us to change what isn’t right, I hope that 2015 is a year of change for you too.

One thing I have promised myself to do this year is live more joyfully.  Its so easy to get rattled by a bad day or by someone else who is in a bad mood leaving an impression of black clouds all over your day.  I am going to try really hard to not let small things get to me and try to live more in the moment.  There is so much joy to find in the simple things in life.  I realised that today as I walked out my door after having been ill. The sun was shining and it was a glorious day.  I took myself off to a local nursery and walked around looking at all the beautiful flowers and their vibrant colours and just felt happy to be alive and well.

I usually make a few resolutions around this time of year and list them.  But I think this year I am not calling them resolutions I will call them intentions.  And I only have two intentions set for this year, the first is that I intend to be more joyous with whatever comes my way and not get bogged down with the drudges of life, try to go with the flow of things and accept if I cannot change them, then move on and the second intention is to change my working environment so I can work locally and see more of this beautiful place I have decided to call my home…

Happy New Year everyone – may 2015 be everything you want it to be for you as well.

Could this be the year to step out of your comfort zone too?