They will come…

I am really very excited

and just need to share

what I think may

 transform my life

in ways

I cannot even


to imagine.

In exactly 9 days I will have the guys from Cabin Kits Galore on our property putting up a beautiful little cottage/cabin which will also be used as my new business space, where I can do my coaching once I complete my course. By July/Aug of this year, I will officially be able to call myself a ‘life coach’. What this means exactly is that I can assist others in finding the tools, strength and motivation to move towards a goal which they are stuck on or perhaps don’t know how to begin or just need support to see it through.

I can begin official coaching sessions once I complete a few more modules and feel comfortable actually coaching – and I am very excited to be able to begin practicing what I am learning so look out, I will be looking for some participants to help me get my coaching hours up for accreditation and will need some eager goal setting people to practice on!

If you feel you would like to work on an issue or reach a goal this year and would like a little help getting motivated or started, I will be offering 3 free coaching sessions Pro Bono to a select few, before I begin to have paying clients.  This will occur from mid February and if you are interested or know someone who may be interested, I will be able to coach from my new cottage or via phone.

I am feeling very blessed that I get to finally have my own space, to do with what I please – I can use it to just retreat from the world, light some candles with out worrying about cats knocking them over (sorry honey but this will be a ‘cat free’ place), do some meditation and begin to do some yoga. For years now I have been wanting to do regular yoga and stretches but just did not have the space or privacy to really get into it all without feeling silly.  Now I can close the door and ‘zen’ out…

And… I can stretch out on my sofa and read to my hearts content. You never know I may even get out the easel and my oil paints which have been hibernating for a few decades.  Yes, this is certainly going to be fun 🙂

Did I mention that I was a bit excited!!

I have a feeling this year is going to change me in many ways but also feel I am heading into a place where I somehow knew I was always going to end up…

I can actually feel that things are beginning to change around me.  I have said for decades that I wanted to be a life coach once I turned 50 and to be able to create this dream later this year is going to be most satisfying. The cottage has been in my mind ever since we bought this house so we could have a beautiful space for visitors as well as using it as a lovely office space so it has a dual purpose.

Bill and I have spent some glorious days out shopping for the grand opening of Mybeachretreat cottage and I have some beautiful furnishings to make it feel and look very special which I cant wait to show you. I wanted to create a space which is definately ‘just me‘ but I am hoping will inspire all those who step inside to dream a little and start taking some steps towards what they want to create in their lives…