This year, I want you to stop and take notice of what whispers to you. Sometimes the whispers are very soft, like a yearning or quiet memory which pops into your head every now and again or it can just be a gut feeling that something is not right in your world.  It could be simply a feeling of quiet sadness when you know a part of your life needs to go because it is no longer serving you or worse, beginning to make you stressed or ill.

If you ignore the whispers that life is trying to give you it will soon start shouting and feel more like a hit on the head,  and then suddenly it seems as if your life is turned upside down, and you are then left wondering – ‘What the hell happened?’ That just came out of the blue, or did it…

We all have an emotional GPS within ourselves, its our internal guide and if we listen to what makes us feel good and do that most of the time, then our lives have meaning and joy which is so important in this busy world we live in today. Its when we forget that we are meant to experience joy that our lives sometimes become mundane, difficult and without purpose.

Have you got a few things to look forward to this year?

Are you making time for the things

you particularly love to do?

Tomorrow is February already, did you find any time for yourself in January or has it flown by so quickly you have hardly had time to breathe?

If so, now is the time to sit and dream, plan and create a year which will make you smile.  Start a savings plan for something you really would love to do this year.  If you are always dreaming of a wonderful time away on an island with deep blue and green waters and soft white sand, begin by looking for cheap fares, think where you could go and who with, and make it happen this year!

If your job is not making you feel worthwhile or appreciated, perhaps its time to hang up your hat on that one, update your resume this month, begin dreaming about your ideal job, where it could be and what you could be doing, really believe that your new job is out there with your name on it.

Did you want to move house this year?  Are your living arrangements driving you crazy? Begin by imagining where you really want to live, this is what happened with us and the universe placed everything perfectly in our path, all we did was follow our intuition and listened to the whispers which led us to our beautiful beach retreat, we did not once worry about the ‘hows’ and life just showed us the way, every step of the way.

So, now is the time to start making some plans and goals so you have something to look forward to at different parts of the year.  If you begin to make small steps towards bigger goals or dreams, you will gain momentum and things will appear to help get your dream going, the right people will turn up to help you or give you ideas, the perfect opportunity will seemingly fall into your lap or something in your life will occur to change your direction to where you wanted to be all along. This is synchronicity at its best all powered by your very beautiful mind.

Make this year the year you begin to take notice of what brings you joy, what makes you smile and do some more of that. Always be grateful and kind and life has a way of giving this right back to you.

And if life is whispering to you in a very subtle way, pay attention and act on that whisper, for its the universe’s way of getting you to notice that things are not right and guiding you to where you are meant to be heading… . I hope as you learn to tune into these whispers your life becomes as awesome as it is meant to be!

If you are looking for a little help to get started on your ideas, goals or dreams, I will be up and running later this year to help anyone who would like to achieve or change anything in their lives,  big or small and would absolutely love to help you achieve your dreams. Stay tuned for the opening of Mybeachretreat Life Coaching coming later this year and watch as I create my own dream in being able to assist you to achieve yours…

Don’t sleepwalk

through your own life,

Wake up

and pay attention!