I am determined

to live out my life


beautiful moments

along the way…

One such moment happened the other week when I came home to my beautiful newly built cottage – a dream which began with a name, mybeachretreat, for this blog you are reading, when I created the very first post just over 2 years ago now.

I knew the moment I picked out that name, it would mean so much more as the years went by, I had a very distinct feeling that this idea was going to evolve and grow

and it has.

Little did I know at the time to what extent Mybeachretreat was going to evolve

but If there is one thing I have learned in life

its to listen

to the whispers,

 let go


trust the process

seeing the cottage for the first time

 Today as I sit inside my home, I smile knowing that mybeachretreat cottage is waiting for me to habitat it and create a business idea which began some time ago.

Very soon it will have the outside walls painted, the electricity put in and the furniture my husband and I have so lovingly selected together will drape the floors along with beautiful throws, blankets and surroundings to create the most exquisite feeling of accomplishment and hope. Last week the beautiful white and grey floor boards were laid. They look spectacular and are now waiting for everything else to be placed inside.

Here’s a sneak peak of the cottage build unfolding. This day was indeed a magical day and one I will never forget:

The windows and doors arrive

My beachretreat being built

Walls going up

Walls going up

Nearly finished!

Nearly finished

First lick of paint on the inside walls


Some of the goodies I have collected along the way to decorate with…



I want those who step inside my cottage to feel the wonder of its existence and know that it was created from a dream.  I want others to begin to imagine how their own dreams can come alive with what they have imagined their lives to be. Soon I will be able to teach others that with their minds, their imagination and their determination, they can create the life they have always wanted because that is all it takes to create your dreams and this gift has been given to every single one of us.

I am now in the 3rd month of my life coaching course and it is getting better and better as I go along. We are learning how to create the lives of our dreams so that we can teach others how to as well.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to coach and teach people what I am learning and when I look at how far I have come in the past few years and what I have been able to create for my family I am truly amazed and so grateful that I have found this interest, this love and what I believe is my purpose in life.

So, I want to inspire others to begin collecting beautiful moments.  You can do this in so many different ways, if you are creative you can create photo albums, paint pictures of your favourite scenes or collect old photographs which mean the world to you.  Make a photo book, album or scrap book of your most beautiful memories, the things which have made your heart soar for that is what is most important at the end of the day.

Then, if you wish to bring new things/experiences into your life, one very powerful way is to create a vision board. There are many ways to do this, either again in a scrap book or on a board hung in a room of your house. On it you can paste pictures, inspiring words or cutouts from magazines of amazing experiences or things you desire to attract into your life. One of my favourite authors Jack Canfield explains how to create one here:


My vision board is going up in the cottage, so that I can teach others how to create one. On it will be pictures of places throughout the world which I will visit one day, a beautiful boat which I know will be in our drive way one day for my husband to sail when he retires, pictures of workshops full of women I dream of coaching one day, empowering them to live their best lives and pictures of a beautiful homewares store I would love to open in my little town. I envisage it being full of French homewares and beautiful linens, blankets and cushions with a cafe out the back to come and enjoy a beautiful leaf cup of tea or amazing coffee with the most decadent deserts and beautiful foods.

 Other things on my vision board will include happy, healthy family pics of my loved ones, my kids working in their chosen careers, a clock showing an 8am start to the day which is a very different from my current 5am one.  Peaceful pics of meditation and yoga and healthy eating all of which I intend to incorporate into my new life, and images of calming beach walks, sunsets and beautiful moments of which I plan to have many more of.

It doesn’t matter if the plans you are making do not fit into your life right now, or if they seem so ridiculous that you cannot possibly imagine them coming true. If we have the ability to desire something, then we certainly have the ability to make it come true. The universe knows when the perfect timing for your desires to come into your life is and its never when you think it should be, but when its the best timing for all concerned.

Most of mine are for fruition later on in my life, as right now I am enjoying my life as it is so much I don’t want too much to change.  I know the next few years are for me about becoming a life coach, which means having a local day job which will pay the bills while giving me the time I need to learn my trade, and creating the most heavenly space I can imagine for Bill and I.

Dont let your busy lives steal away your beautiful moments, or take so much time from you that you forget to dream.  Treasure these moments when they appear,  or honour past memories with thoughtful indulgence, create a memorable book or album that you can pick up and look at often and most importantly when your beautiful moments come, be present, right there and then and bask in the blessing of the moment, try not to wish it to hurry up as you think you have something else that needs doing, remember to be right there, right now and hold on to that precious gift of joy you are experiencing.

I am so very grateful for all of the very special moments I have already had in my lifetime and are excited to experience many more…

For those interested in where and how this blog began, you can find it here:


And for those still on this journey with me, thankyou for sticking around and sharing in my beautiful moments.

A recurring trend I’d like to share is happening to me as I go along my life. When it seems I am worried or concerned that something is not going as I hoped or the direction I am wanting to go is not appearing, I get a clear message in the form of a white feather appearing in front of me. I know this is spirit or angels, telling me that everything is always working out for me. And when I look down at the ground and notice a white feather right in my pathway, it always makes me smile.


I found a white feather

on the floor

of my cottage…

My white feather