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girl celebrating life

In a few weeks time

my life will change once again…  

There have been so many, changes on this journey since we left Melbourne a couple of years ago however,  I always knew this latest one was inevitable, and as time went on became our most challenging.  This last piece of the puzzle was all that was needed to realise our dream had become a full reality ~ the circle needed to be completed. But until this final bit fell into place, I always felt I was still living in two lands.

Today, my friends, I am thrilled to announce that I now officially work for a local employer! This means no more commuting, ever again, … well only 26 minutes, but for me, that is a piece of cake.

Having said all of that I now know that the hold up was not the employment issues, was not my experience or lack of it, and not my age but my thoughts – good God, I would go from one thought to another and back all over again on the way down each morning – no wonder the universe could not keep up with me – does she mind this commute, or not, one minute she wants to stay the next she wants to go, Janine, my dear PLEASE make up your mind, give me clear instructions and stop swearing at me first thing in the morning!!

I have read many times, when you want something badly you must act as if you already have it, ‘act as if‘ so, if its a new job you are after, be positive in your current job, don’t spend your days in misery replaying all the things that are wrong with it in your head because that is where you will stay if you keep on telling that same story.

Well…after a while I began to realise that I, myself might be sabotaging this whole process and I had to be careful particularly with my thoughts. This meant that each day I had to be grateful, that I had a good job, that I had a wonderful husband who was supporting me by not letting me do anything else around the house except go to work and it also meant that I needed to try and enjoy the processes at work.  Every chance I got I would imagine myself in my new job at my new campus on the Waterfront, imagining the end result of someone ringing me to tell me they were offering me a position and holding that thought for a few minutes each time.

I finally must have got pretty good putting my long commuting time to good use, visualising myself in the buildings where I wanted to work, imagining myself calmly and confidently answering interview questions, seeing myself walking out at lunch time to the most beautiful sight, the waterfront with its spectacular pier and pristine white restaurants a midst the beautiful blue waters behind.

The real nature of this post, however, is to bring attention to the fact that I did not achieve this alone. I have three big thank you’s to share, and the first of course is my wonderful partner and amazing support who did so much behind the scenes.

They say behind every successful person is a very supportive partner, and in this case it is so true.  My hubby just stepped up and did what needed to be done.  Every time, every day, every night and never complained even though he too would be tired or aching after a day of work.  My only job each day was to get to work, work then get home.  After walking in the door most nights by 7pm, my job as Bill would say was to ‘sit and be beautiful‘ – I know, he’s very cute :), so sit I did for a couple of hours before retiring and starting all over again. Without his part, I could never have played my part so it was definitely a team effort and I will forever be grateful for his love and support.

My second thank you goes to the universe for always having my back.  It really does support us! I have experienced it time and time again. The universe does supply our every need.  What you focus on can become yours if you truly believe it can. The problem why many think the law of attraction is ‘airy fairy stuff’ is that it works whatever we are feeling, both good and bad so we need to be clear in sending the right message/vibrations through our thoughts and inner feelings to expect the right result. It always makes me chuckle out loud when I do manage to send the right message, do the work, feel the flow and just watch it all unravel before my eyes.

And lastly, my third thank you goes to a couple of special work colleagues who had my back, who could tell on any given day if it was a bit much, whether I needed a tear or a hug and basically kept me keeping on. To have girls in your corner when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry or shake your head  when the frustration of it all becomes too much has been a gift I will forever treasure.  So thank you special ladies, you know who you are.  Our little escapes to ‘Restore cafe’ became our life line and literally did restore us and made us stronger to keep facing the stresses of each day, and for that, I am very grateful from the bottom of my heart. I think many days I would have broken down without you and every time I have a hot chocolate from here on, I will remember those times xx