I didn’t set New Year resolutions this year.  Instead, I set an intention at the beginning of 2015 that I would no longer be commuting to Melbourne and have a new local job by the end of March 2015.

Well, it must have been a very strong intention as I was right on cue and next Monday, exactly a week before the end of March I will walk into my new job which is only 26 minutes away from home and in the most spectacular location!  I am enjoying some time off this week to let this really sink in knowing that this is one of those pivotal moments in our lives we should stop and take notice…

Am I a bit nervous – YES, but also excited that I have a new door to walk through. This is one of those moments where the direction of your life changes. Where you really dont know what or who is ahead on this new path but as you take one step at a time, life will show you the way.

The last time I started a new job, I was 44 years old, this time I am a few months off 51 years. I struggled last time, partially due to the fact I came in from libraries to university admin, two completely different fields but the struggle was not so much in the job itself, well some of it was but mainly it had to do with my confidence in myself which at the time was a little shaky.  I let the younger generations (Gen Y and Gen X) get the better of me, with their quick work processes, the fact that they do not write anything down, can remember so much more than my fuzzy brain and they are much quicker getting things finished than I, shook my confidence to the core.

This time, though, I am older and wiser and know that I have the power to not let anyone undermine me.  I know that I was employed  due to the very nature that I have a mature outlook (that might mean they just wanted someone older) but think it will be an advantage this time. I am determined to walk in confident from day one knowing that I hold a ton of experience and above all can use my wisdom to my advantage and realise that nothing is a race, just do the very best I can do each and every day and that will be enough.

I am looking forward to meeting new people, some of which may become life time friends.  Many of the team I will be working with will be locals as well which is great as I don’t know too many people down here yet.  Looking back on my last job, I know how much I have grown and changed in the last 7 years.  I also know that this new job will shape me in new ways which I cannot anticipate right now and that this is the workplace which will take me all the way to retirement.

So, when I walk down the esplanade to the waterfront next Monday morning at a much more civilized time of 8.30am, no one will notice me stand on the steps of my new workplace and just for a minute be in the moment, lift my head to the skies and thank the universe and all my angels who answered my prayers.  This will definitely be one of my pivotal moments which I will never forget.

And as I compose myself to walk inside,

nobody will realise

what it took to get there,


how very blessed

I will feel


 the last decade

of my working career

Wish me luck xx