Its Autumn in April in Australia, my favourite season of all.  And the Easter break is upon us. A lovely time for some resting for most of us.  I have some interior house painting planned but also lots of quiet reading and relaxing.

With the settling in of my new job over the next few months, time will fly by very quickly this year I am sure of it – we have had Matt undergo his second eye surgery this week and is currently healing from it.  I said to him tonight – if you dont think you have done much this year just remember you have had two eyes operated on – that is enough for anyone in a lifetime!  I think that made him feel better and realise that he has done more than he thinks he has.

Then I thought – me too, if I dont do anything else this year but settle into my new job, then that will be enough. Most of us race along in life, kicking goals, ticking off lists, doing some spectacular things and dont stop to even realise how big they actually are. I have a bad habit of doing that and its only usually when I get sick that I realise, oh maybe I may have overdone it a bit….

I want to spend the rest of the year settling into what I have been dreaming about for so long.  I want to indulge my whole being and really be present in the newness of where I am right now.  I do not want to wake up at the end of the year and have a vague memory of how very special this beginning was to me, because beginnings are important no matter what age you begin something new.

Anything new is important and its a time to savor the learning, nervous and excited feelings, and the WOW moments…

Today, I walked out at lunch time down to the waterfront and as I was walking by the sea face, a large gust of wind brought a spray all over me – I chuckled out loud at the very fact that here I was on my lunch break getting wet from the sea spray! That was a definate WOW moment realising that I had thought of that very thing happening for so long and there I was experiencing it just as I had imagined it.

These are the beautiful moments I delight in, which make me marvel at our amazing world.  The older I get, the more in tune I am becoming to the universal laws and wonders of what is going on if we just quiet down and take notice of it, its really something.

So enjoy your Easter downtime with family or whatever you may be doing.  We plan to just potter around our little home, prepare my kitchen windows for some beautiful shutters I have ordered which are coming soon and have a well earned rest for a few days. The excitement and stress of beginning my new job has made me a bit weary and my body is giving me signs to take it easy, so easy it is for the next few days.

So from my family to yours ~

Stay safe wherever your travels

may take you

and enjoy the Easter festivities and downtime xx