When you move into a new home its a normal thing to want to change it all to suit your style, your taste or your dreams of what you want your sanctuary to reflect.  We moved into our home by the sea nearly 2 years ago now and immediately set about a list of what we wanted to do to the place.

One of the conditions of moving away from my old home in Melbourne was that I had to live with shutters again. (I jokingly said this to Bill when we were deciding on relocating but of course I would have gone with or without shutters lol)

This may seem like a very fussy request as its far cheaper to put up a pair of curtains, however once you have lived with the clean, fresh, classical look and feel of beautiful plantation shutters, its nearly impossible to go back, nothing comes close to living with them so I have decided while I work full time that its my mission to cover all the windows at mybeachretreat with the dressings it so deserves, beautiful white plantation shutters.

The first of my shutters are being installed this week in the kitchen.  I decided on this as its the first place you see through to when you come in the front door, the first place you head to when you wake up each morning and the first place people usually congregate to chat.

For the past two weekends I have been very busy painting the dark wooden windows they will be dressing. This also meant I needed to paint the horrible green colour we have been looking at each day thinking ‘We really must change that”.  Together Bill and I found a beautiful soft blue coincidentally called ‘Sea Breeze’ which works with the white gloss windows perfectly.

IMG_1625 IMG_1683 IMG_1633 IMG_1681

We had lovely mason jar lights installed recently to give the kitchen a warm glow. We think they are pretty nice and plan to change the fluorescent lighting with some oyster shell covers once we find what we like. Currently there does not seem to be much around where we live so a trip to Melbourne might be on the cards soon to tick off that item.


Our local electrician who put up our new kitchen lights and has done some other work for us was up on the roof and I asked him if he could take a photo of what view I had.  I had no idea what this view was only that I knew I must have one as we can see the sea from the road and as you walk down further you can see the You Yang mountains in the distance.

 I always hoped I would have a view and have always dreamed of living somewhere with a spectacular view of the water,

what I was not expecting

was just how clear my view is.  Its a bit hard to see by the photo however the view of the sea is there and if I am really desperate, I can get up on my roof to view it 🙂

All I need now

is to attract a way

for this view to become a reality

that I can see every single day…

My view

Keep watch for other mybeachretreat renovations happening this year, the painting of the cottage is next on the list – as soon as we can decide on a mutual colour we both agree with!