Who agrees with me that smashed avocado

on sourdough toast

is the best breakfast going?

Its funny, five years ago I had never even tasted avocado.  My tastes are definitely changing as I am getting older as is my thought process on staying healthy or perhaps its more keeping myself from sickness

Green tea is another recent introduction to my life as is black tea without milk.  One day, a few years ago now I realised as I poured a black tea with no milk & no sugar, I never thought I would say this but ‘I’m turning into my mother!”

We have all heard the benefits this fine leaf can do for us. I hated Green tea when I first tried it, but kept persisting with it beause I knew the benefits were amazing and one day I found myself really enjoying it. Now I crave a green tea, especially with lemon or even better real lemon juice squirted into it.  Lemon is also becoming my favourite go to food, drinking it with hot water, squirting a little juice over salads or cooking with it wherever I can. The health benefits of the humble lemon are quite wide and varied, you can read more on this if you are interested with 15 health secrets of lemons.

Those who have worked with me over the past five years also know I have tried and failed badly at quitting sugar, well, I blamed the stress at work and my long travel, never mind the fact I was addicted to the best ever muffins at Southern Cross Station which I just could not go past without purchasing one to sooth my soul from the pain of travelling each day – well that’s what I told myself! I know in my head that we can give ourselves all the excuses in the world as to why we are not doing something and I realise that at the time I needed a pick me up at the end of each day just to face that travel home.  Psychologically it made sense, physically it was way too much sugar for my body.

So, that life experience led me to gain a few unwanted kilos but fortunately for me I have now landed in a place with some like minded people and just in time to join my new collegues in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), a wonderful incentive with work places worldwide participating to create a healthier life.  I initially joined to get rid of this flab and fat around my mid section which is very foreign to me and not sitting well at all.  But the upshot of this is that I am totally surprising myself at getting out and walking each day, just for half an hour, I think the difference is I have somewhere beautiful to walk and the fact that women older than me are walking harder and further than I was.  I only hope that by the time the 100 days of GCC has closed I have created a habbit I do not wish to get rid of along with a lesser sweet tooth and more knowledge on how to make sweets with natural or no sugars for the times when I really want something sweet.

I now want to create new habits for my fifties, I think I have had long enough to get away with hardly any exercise and eating what I like and I do not ever want to come to a time in my life where my bad choices led me to a chronic disease or illness of some kind.  My dear mum died from bowel cancer which is a horrible death sentence but can be prevented with the right food choices and a more active lifestyle. So for that reason I am literally forcing myself to move more after being sedentary for most of the past two years.

With the GCC, we are given pedometers to track our steps. An ideal active day is 10,000 steps. When I include a half hour walk, I can get to that figure by 9pm at night with having gone to work, walked to and from carparks, done the stairs (a couple of us get up from our desks at 11am and again at 3pm and ‘do the stairs’, this was my idea to walk up 6 flights of stairs (hardly a challenge for me as I dont ever take lifts due to my claustrophobic fear) walk it out at the top, then down again. It takes all of 7 minutes and gets our hearts pumping and breathing harder, great little aerobic workout, twice a day!  I am hoping this too becomes such a routine that I never think of not doing it, a bit like brushing my teeth.

As I write this I am 13 weeks stress free which I know I was suffering with in my last job. I awake each work morning now feeling peaceful knowing that my day is going to be good and supported and I wont feel overwhelmed or rushed throughout the day to accomplish an unrealistic list of  tasks, feeling unappreciated and above all, in fear that someone is going to call me out for not knowing my job properly because of not being trained correctly.

I was out with my stepdaughter the other day and she said to me, I didnt realise how defeated you looked before, now that I see you, you are standing much taller and look so much brighter.’ I used to say to Bill when I was struggling to secure my local job that one day I will look back and realise that it really didnt take that long to get here, even though at the time it seemed to take forever.  I must always remember this, that the dark days never last, and eventually the sun will return again.

Turning 51 in 3 weeks time has made me realise, its up to me if I want to remain healthy, no one can do this for me, just me and my thoughts.  A pattern has emerged within me which has made me sit up and notice. When I need to do something, change something, walk a different direction, stop what is hurting me, I have learned to listen to my inner soul, the real me, the soft voice inside me, for it has never let me down, it gently guides me through this lifetime like a beautiful friend, who when I dont listen to it, just taps gently on my shoulder until I realise ‘here is that thought again, its not going away which only means I really need to do something about it’

So doing something about it finally I am…