Quotes Picture: each moment of your life is a picture you have never seen before and will never see again so live each moment to make it count and make each moment beautiful

I have just 8 hours left which I can call myself 50 years old. And when I wake up I will be 51.  My goodness, each year is beginning to rush by far more quickly than the last. The last 12 months have just flashed by due to the fact I was extremely preoccupied with travelling 5 and1/2 hours back and forth from Melbourne to our beautiful beach retreat and its really only been the last 3 months of my fiftieth year where I have begun to feel normal again and free.

I decided this week that I want to make my next year count and really be present.  I want to look back again in another 12 months and see the power of my deliberate thoughts change the things I wish to change, address things I no longer want to do and begin to create a whole lot of new habits.

I want this year to be the year I give up sugar for life.  I am now into week 3 of the I Quit Sugar Program and doing surprisingly well and about to hit week 4 which is what they call ‘Clean week’ where it gets just a bit harder, no alcohol, coffee or gluten during this next week.

I am going away for the weekend so figure I will start my fourth week when I return home.  (I have to have a little glass of wine on my birthday, come on!!). The alcohol and bread I can do without for a week but the coffee will be a little tricky. However, there are lots of new recipes and green smoothies I can try to curb the coffee absence and to be honest, I am so enjoying my hot lemon water in the mornings that I don’t even miss my tea first thing.

This week was birthday week in my office.  I work with 3 other cancerians all born on the same week as I.  Cakes came into the office and went down a treat, none passed my lips and I proved to myself this week, it can be done, you just have to choose not to. Did I feel deprived?, No, not really…I think my head has finally got it, that my heart wants to do this so it actually has been easier this time round.  Perhaps at 51 I am finally ready to eliminate refined sugar for good. I said to my husband this week, its not a craze or ridiculous thing to do. The jury is in that sugar is making us all fat and contributing to many of the many diseases taking people way to early, one of which was my beautiful mother who died from bowel cancer. To prevent myself from going down the same path, I need to make the changes now.

Tomorrow as I turn 51 and the next chapter in my life opens up, I look back at the last 12 months of my life. Farewell 50, you taught me a lot.  You taught me that if I dont look after myself no one else will.  You taught me that its not your age that matters but how you value your life and loved ones and if you can go to bed each night knowing you did your best, loved your best and were loved in return then you are doing ok.  You taught me that its never too late to dream another dream or set another goal and most of all you taught me that its never too late to begin again, in a new job, or a new life, and never forget that we all have it in us to find the courage and strength to push through our fears and keep on heading where we want to go, because its there where you will find your happiest days…

So roll on my next year in this lifetime, you’ll just have to stick around to find out what comes next…