Why is it that we often put ourselves last in our long list of ‘To Do’s?

I would like you to ponder this next question…

Where are you

on your list?

This coming week I want you to organise 5 things just for you.  Something you find utterly pleasurable. Something which makes your heart sing and your face light up.  Too Hard?  Haven’t got the time? Cant afford it?  Don’t feel like you deserve it?

See if you can meet my challenge and write down 5 things you really would like to do. They dont have to cost money, you could run a beautiful warm bath and relax for half an hour away from the kids, pack a picnic, grab a book and sit for an hour in a park. Take a walk through your own neighbourhood or a stroll at sunset along a beach. Invite a friend and take off to the pictures, or stop for a coffee on the way home from grocery shopping. Turn off the tv and go to bed early.  Take off and hide at your local library for a couple of hours, walk down to the corner shop and grab your favourite icecream.  Head off for an afternoon to a show, exhibition, fete. Go get a haircut, massage. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers or a magazine or a new pair of shoes if it makes you smile.

Its sad that many of us are conditioned to work so hard all our lives, always striving to do our best but neglect to do our best looking after ourselves.

I asked a new beautiful friend of mine this week, why she didn’t think she deserved to take a break because she was so busy trying to get work done, holding down the fort, keeping the emails at bay and making sure that everything she possibly could do was done….



 her own


 A mental break, a snack for lunch, a walk away from her desk, a quiet moment ‘out’, time for a quick coffee is a necessary health check we need to ensure we do or we are seriously putting our bodies at risk.

My last workplace saw a 31 year old colleague have a heart attack and another tragically die most likely caused by ill health and work stress. There are countless offices all around the world full of stressed, overworked employees who dont even give themselves a small break to get up, stretch, get some fresh air and eat properly.

I am becoming rather passionate about taking time out to do the things which make me smile.  My youngest sister tells me ‘I am good at rewarding myself.’ I am good at it as I have learned that life is too short to neglect our own needs. My brother dropped dead literally at 40 years of age ~ I learnt so many things about this tragedy the least of which is to live your life to the fullest, make time to have fun, to smile, to feel utter joy not just once or twice a year but each and every day, do something to make you smile.  Cuddle those close to you.  If you are not laughing every day, you are not living. Try to find joy in the ordinary, you will be surprised if you really stop and take notice of just how much time we waste not actually living.

I have recently helped encourage my husband to permanently take a day off a week after we found out he has had a stroke and tonight received the news he has type 2 Diabetes.  He knows this means major changes to his lifestyle and has already begun to change his diet with the help of a dietitian and doctor. I believe the changes he is making now will significantly impact on his future and our future together,and along with cutting down to working 4 days a week, he will begin to enjoy his down time a lot more as he will have more energy to do the things he likes to do. Again, I feel blessed that we have caught this early and can make immediate changes for the better.

Dont let it be too late before you decide that your life is worth ‘taking time out for’

Now, what’s next  on your list of things to do