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"Our intention creates our reality." -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ‪#‎quote‬ ‪#‎wellness‬:

I have a plan‘ – a comment my family often hear from my lips and it always gets a chuckle out of them or sometimes a roll of the eyes, depending on what my plan is…

I love beginning each new year with a plan so at the end of it I can look back and see just how far we got with it. To help me do this I have been playing along with one of my favourite inspirational guru’s Mike Dooley who is famous for his TUT website and mantra ‘Thoughts become Things’ and ‘Notes from the Universe‘. Mike is one of my ‘go to guys’ when I want to be reminded on how we can create our lives and future or just be inspired by how amazing this universe is that we all reside in.  Mike Dooley has designed a powerful project which requires your attention for only a few minutes each day but has the potential to change your life.  If you love Vision Boards, setting goals and working towards your dreams and would like to design a life you really love, then join me, Matt and thousands of others around the globe.  All you need is a journal and your attention for a few minutes each day for 30 days.

You can begin this program on any day, most people following began on Jan 1st but its designed to begin at ‘your day 1’ whenever this may be.   I have enlisted my son Matt to join me on this program so we can motivate each other about the year ahead. Matt was really worried thinking he was just going to roll into another year of sameness with the same issues which have plagued him for 5 years.  After only a few days doing this program, I can already notice a change in demeanor and positivity and cant wait to see what the new year brings for him.  I am up to day 8 so far and it has helped me get clear about what I want to change/improve on this year.  The best thing is if you are too busy one of the days you can pick it up whenever which is what I have just done. For those interested in changing your life in 30 days, take a look at this program, you wont be dissapointed:


One of the first things Mike asks you to do is define your goals in terms of four words, relating to which areas of your life you wish to enhance, nurture or improve.

After much thought I decided my four words/theme for 2016 were:

Spiritual, Calm, Health, Wealth

This is so, so important! Please read Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin.  TED TALKS VIDEO https://youtu.be/LWQfe__fNbs:

I am very excited to see how I can improve each of my chosen four areas of my life by taking time for me this year, not just sometimes but each and every day.

I plan to share some of these practices and improvements with you as the year progresses…

Now that we have lived through two Christmas’s at mybeachretreat, I look around and realise we still have far to go with our renovation plans.  Proudly, in 2015 we managed to build fully paint and furnish the cottage, put new shutters in my kitchen and begin the painting in there, also new floorboards in one of the bedrooms where the carpet had rotted because of a water tank outside, so a pretty good year really. On top of this  I have been busy settling into a new job which took much of my strength and energy, more so than I was anticipating when I began 2015 🙂


Christmas and New Years were full and busy with catching up with family and friends so this year I decided to take 5 days off mid January just for me to really focus on what it is I want to achieve this year.  I have learnt in my 51.5 years that life doesn’t just happen to you, you need to plan it if you want to achieve all you dream of.  Getting to where you want is a combination of seeing it in your mind, believing you can do it and then beginning baby steps towards what will eventually become your reality.

Now that Bill and I are both settled into our jobs and life on the Bellarine I am getting excited about our goals again.  We are both booked on a cruise in 2017 to the Pacific Islands and this will be Bill’s first trip outside of Australia so he is very excited to be doing this.

Aside from all the renovation plans I have for mybeachretreat, (and there is a bit of a list) I have lived with another dream for a very long time and that is to travel back to France and see it properly this time. I will get Long Service Leave in just over 2 years and I want to travel for about 8 weeks.  Ever since 1987, on my first trip to Europe as a young 23 year old,  I travelled through 10 European countries in 29 days which rushed by as one big blur.  I can still remember standing at the Colosseum in Rome in awe of where I had been and how I wanted it to slow down so vowed to myself I would return again one day.

Well, here I am 28 years later and the time has come for me to begin planning the most amazing trip of my life which I will be sharing with a beautiful friend. We plan to spend approx 3 weeks in France, another 3 in Italy then over to Scotland via London to pay tribute to Lisa’s husband who’s ashes are laid in his most favourite place on earth.  I have just spent a few days with my travel partner in crime, so we have now locked it in, committed to 2018 and now comes the planning…

Oh, I think I am in heaven…..