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I’ve decided to dedicate February and March to

clean eating and living…

anyone with me?

I did so well in 2015 loosing 6 kg and cutting out refined sugar from my life,

then Christmas hit

and I haven’t really recovered from indulging

in too many things I know

not to.

….and now its February…(What!!!)

So, I have challenged myself to two whole months of clean living and eating.  Its only 2 months (8 weeks in fact or 60 days with Feb being a leap year and 31 days in March) – I found when I did the I Quit Sugar 8 week program, it was long enough to make a huge difference to my outlook with foods and sugar, loose the weight I wanted and set my mind on a better road to regular clean eating but short enough to not get bored with it or give up easily.

To help me this time I am about to sign up to the Pete Evens 10 week Paleo Program, The Paleo Way which at $10 a week, I think is a very good deal to learn how to shop, what to shop for and advice on how to change your life for the better.  I know Pete has come under a lot of flack with his strict regime and ideas which will never gain momentum with a lot of mainstream thought but I’ve been curious about this eating style for a few years now and while its definitely not for everyone, I love reading stories on how this program is healing so many people with ailments such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases and ill health and that’s enough for me to sit up and take notice.

For someone like myself who loves structure, a plan in place and a mind body soul philosophy with real life examples around nutrition, its perfect.  Of course you can do this yourself without signing up to any program, I just like to feel accountable once I have committed myself to something, it helps me keep on track. I’m going to try an 80/20 approach which is a more relaxed approach not following word for word, but 80 percent of the time and for me, I know this will ‘allow’ me to try other alternatives if I dont like what’s on offer as long as it is not far off the philosophy of whole goodness. For instance, I won’t be giving up my latte at work each morning but will substitute my morning coffee with almond milk where I can but what I hope to find in the next 8 weeks are some new cooking and eating ideas, gain some new habits and look and feel better for it come April 🙂

Did you know:

So, whats my plan?

I plan to shop at fresh food produce and markets wherever I can and limit foods which come out of packets or are stored for a long time such as supermarket fruits and veg. I want to try to eat organic where I can and eat what’s in season.

I plan to get back into the routine of walking a couple of lunch times at work.  I already have a companion who wants to do this also, so no excuses, my runners are now kept under my desk.

Come join me, its only for a short while,

and who knows,

we may even begin

to love living this (real) way…