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Earlier this year I chose 4 words I want to live by as I go through 2016. If you recall I was completing Infinite Possibilities 30 day project with Mike Dooley and thousands of others around the globe.  On day two we were asked to select four words to ‘create your theme’ to live your life by this year.

The four words I selected were

‘Spiritual, Calm, Health & Wealth’

which were the four general areas

of my life

I wanted to focus on the most in 2016.

Its interesting that the first two were spiritual and calm as the universe has thrown some pretty challenging life lessons at me first up this year which I am working through and the one thing which is keeping me believing everything will turn out ok, is focusing on my ability to draw on my spirituality in times such as this. The next four posts I thought I would write about each one of those four words.

So what does being ‘spiritual’ mean to me?  

It means believing that there is a higher energy supporting me which I cannot see or touch but its presence shows up in my life in many different ways to show me, I am not alone.  It could be the white feathers which always appear somewhere I am stepping usually at a time when I am worried or concerned about something, then I look down and see a random feather in my path, it always makes me smile, always makes me look up and nod, take a deep breath and know its going to be ok…

To me the word spiritual encompasses peace, tranquility and honouring myself and those around me.

Its about remembering that…

I am fortunate to have a beautiful cottage on my property where I can go, shut out the world and ‘just be’ I have conditioned myself to think as I walk through the doors to leave all worries behind, all stresses and walk into the peace which it provides for me.  Perhaps you have a similar place, a bedroom, a beautiful garden, a small part of the local beach or a park or forest near by. Somewhere you can go a few times a week to breathe and slow down your thoughts and smile inside and out. Quiet time with yourself without interruption is a spiritual time and its important to find that time each and every day even if its only for a few minutes.

Once you begin to give yourself permission that its ok to give yourself this time to meditate, ponder or just be in the moment, your body will thank you for it, you will become more focused, less stressed and more in awe of this beautiful life we have been given.  We just need to get out of the crazy ‘living’ we have been conditioned to think is normal just enough to realise, there is so much more we are just not aware of…

This is my spiritual practice which I want to do more of this year;

To stop and just be..

To be grateful for where I am…

and comfortable in the knowledge

that where I am going

is always

going to be just fine…