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My second word for this year I decided to enhance my life with through my 30 day infinate possibilities with Mike Dooley was the word ‘Calm’

I think

we can all benefit

from a bit more


in our lives 

I have learnt that the relentless stress we gather from overworked bodies, tension from stresses at work and the constant barrage we receive day in day out from electromagnetic fields which are all around us as we go from computers to mobile phones to televisions and ipads all day long, its so important to find a little bit of calm in each day.

So what am I doing to keep calm in 2016?

This year I have decided to get off the computer an hour before bed, leave my laptop in the lounge room overnight and go to my room and do some form of meditation or reading (from an old fashioned book not online) – best I post this blog right now :). This may just be for 10 minutes prior to sleep but enough for my body to realise I do not have anything electrical in my hands. Scientifically it has been proven the ‘blue light’ streaming from our phones or devices disturb our sleeping patterns.

It may sound strange to some but I have gave up watching the news probably 4 or 5 years ago now.  Someone once said to me – ‘What!!!?  But how do you know whats going on?’  What, all the murders, rapes, pedophiles, break ins, fires and natural disasters I need to know about? No thanks, living without knowing about them is utterly calming…’

If there is something I really need to know or need to help with, rest assured, someone will make me aware of it.  My  life has been very blissful without the extra world’s collective tension regarding usually alarming news which invades our spaces day in day out and keeps our bodies in a constant state of heightened stress..if you are looking to calm your mind, that’s a great place to start…

I had a wonderful team leader a long time ago now who taught me a lot about calmness in the workplace. This woman was the epitomy of calm amongst a very busy and stressful office with deadlines and competing priorities and many emergencies.  I asked her one day how did she remain so calm. She told me it was all smoke and mirrors that she remained calm on the outside and that little trick itself gave her time to think about how to really handle each crisis.

Then every single day when she came back from lunch (which she never skipped), she closed her office door for 10 minutes.  I still dont know exactly what she did in that 10 minutes but my guess it was on centering her thoughts and regrouping, working out what her next priority was, then she would appear again fresh with reapplied lipstick ready to face the barrage once again, in her calm demeanor.

I have always remembered this ritual and now make it a ritual myself to gather my thoughts by making a fresh tea after lunch or my walk and just sit for five minutes, apply hand cream, face spritz or some perfume, something with a beautiful scent to lift my spirits and take me into the second half of the day.

These days, I like to put calm images and words or sayings which make me smile everywhere in my life, on my facebook page, on the walls where I sit at work, on my desktop at work and home, in my cottage, wherever I sit and look around, it reinforces a sense of calm amongst my daily activities.

I always know when I dont have enough ‘calm’ in my life as I will begin to eat sugar, go to bed late, feel rushed or feel a little anxious…but I am getting better at recognising  the signs then I try to get back to what I know works well…

I have learned its the little practices we do each day

which help to make a calm life.

Its not reacting with alarm when you receive bad news or something goes wrong,  but try to source a solution instead of worrying or dwelling on it…

Its getting up ten minutes earlier to put that nice healthy  lunch into a container for work or school so you are not wasting more money on crap which wont sustain you…

Its treating yourself to a night time ritual, shower bath, walk, mediation or quiet time without ‘blue’ screens just before bed…or a morning ritual with a bit of yoga/stretching or a walk…

Its about doing something different, getting up from your chair, going for a walk, to a park, the sea or just walking in your backyard with your bare feet…

Its giving thanks and being so grateful for the life we have…

Its learning to say ‘no’ to somethings, outings or requests which will impact negatively on you – believe me this gets easier to do the older I get…

Its about making sure that ‘YOU’ have made it to your ‘To Do’ list this week…

and its about

ensuring that a little bit of


is a BIG part

of your