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Its ironic really, the way the universe just knows how perfectly to distract you from something which could really pull you down if you let it but in fact,  I have tried this time to not focus on my latest life issue and just let the universe handle the details and while that has been happening I have found a perfect distraction which has grown into a new love I didn’t even realise I was ready to embrace.

So, as my latest  hard lesson of investing in the wrong area and in the wrong type of property came to a head earlier this year and still has a little bit to go, I have learned so much more about myself in the process. I have learned when we look hard enough we can see just how we created the problem to begin with and with that knowledge ask ourselves, what is the lesson here?  In doing this I have learned to trust that no matter how bad a problem appears to be that the universe will help find a solution if we just get out of our own way and let go of trying to control it and through this I also learned to let go of something  I thought was coming into my future with me, but now realise it was never meant to, its sole purpose was to teach me other lessons.

So instead of focusing on what I have lost, I have chosen to feel blessed with so many incredible things I am surrounded with each and every day.  Speaking with a girlfriend earlier today made me realise that our move down here really has been preparing me to slowly but surely discard all that was in our old lives not in a harsh or negative way, for there are so many great memories I will forever cherish from my life in Melbourne but I am learning to be comfortable with the realisation that now I get to create an easier, simpler, existence from the base up and it really can look anyway I like and that I can also change it anytime I want and I am learning in my fifties that the way I wish to now live is with  less stress, free of things I think I must do to please others and making time for myself to do whatever it is I want to do with my free time and its such a nice feeling knowing that I have finally grown into the person I was meant to be all along…

A strange but beautiful pull to begin a garden has appeared in my life this year. I have slowly but surely been guided to start growing a garden, getting rid of what I don’t like and start planting what I do, it feels like we are finally putting our own mark on mybeachretreat, finally moving towards the dream I have in my head of how I want our little home to look like.

Perhaps this is all part

of letting go

of the old


planting a future ,

totally from scratch

and organically

from the base up…

Gradually too, I have been moving to a different thought space where food is concerned, converting my family into buying more local and organic produce where we can and aiming to ditch refined sugar and reach for a more natural, organic livelihood where the majority of products are non chemical, free of pesiticides and as close to nature as I can find. I am loving the new adage of organic produce, its simply just real food, something we have forgotten how to look for in the past 30 years.


Its a mission which will take a little while to fully convert to but I am on the way. I have been busily planting some winter veggies in pots and garden beds and am excitedly waiting for them to sprout.  In fact I want to take all over any sunny spot we have so I can grow more, once you begin it really is addictive! I call myself a real beginner because I am beginning from scratch, never having planted vegetables before ever, and I am kind enough to myself to realise there will be a learning phase over the next few seasons as I read up and go to free talks at the local nursery as well as talk to anyone who will listen about what to do, when and where 🙂

Eventually, I hope to have many little spots in the garden where my vegies will cultivate year in year out, I feel that once you begin this journey, how could you possibly go back?

So this is the latest little chapter of my life at mybeachretreat.  I always said May was going to be a cleansing month, maybe I might even try a paleo program to recalibrate.  One thing is for sure, I am looking forward to the coming winter months where I can venture outside into my little garden and pick some leeks, carrots and chives to add to a perfect hot pot dinner 🙂

There is still so much to learn

when you open up a new chapter in your life,

and I cant wait

to learn it!

If there is anyone else out there just like me who is new to growing vegies or have always wanted to but just never got around to it, you might find some of these reads helpful: