Well, my little investment project finally sold this week and while its a celebration of sorts, I did not make any money on it as it was always meant to be a ‘hold for 15 years project’ unfortunately, in my case, holding it was bleeding me dry so I had to make the decision to offload it and in doing so lost quite a bit, but ahhh, what is money but energy which flows in and out of our lives? I now need to believe that it can easily flow right back in depending on my beliefs and my outlook and its safe to say recently that has been a bit flat.

Since we began this plan of ours to move down, cut down, stress down, I feel the universe has been guiding me towards a life more free, not tied to a job which not longer suited me or live in a city which no longer kept me calm just to buy things we did not need. Little by little I have been getting rid of ‘clutter’ along the way which either does not hold value in my life anymore, or causes more stress than they are meant to or…perhaps I have just simply outgrown.  Maybe this was one of those things and was not meant to come with me  into our future.  I know there are some wonderful things coming in the not so distant future which will be so more valuable than assets, they will be full of beautiful moments and memories that will stay with me forever.

This week I have been home bound with dizziness I have no doubt brought on by the stress of this latest development. I have to think of it this way, what price to you put on living in chronic stress? – My problem is I don’t like getting things wrong.  I don’t like taking risks on my future and up until now most of my plans heading towards our retirement have gone well so I do feel a little crappy about the fact that this didn’t go to plan.  What I do know now is that  I need to put this latest disappointment somewhere and realise that sometimes…things just don’t turn out the way we originally planned and move on.  It happens to people every single day and,  I am one of the lucky ones ~ that I do know. I also know that its time to give myself a break.I cant go back and do things differently so whats most important right now is what I do next…


Speaking with a colleague this week about life and other things, I realised I have been  running for a very long time, running on adrenaline for so many years, trying to forge a safe future for us & its finally time to stop and realise,


exactly where

I am


with all that I have

is just


the way it is

Next month I turn 52. Already the past two years of my fifties has flown so fast it feels like a blink of an eye.  I don’t want to be running through my life so fast that I don’t remember this decade.

I want this decade

to be one

of my finest.

 I have some beautiful trips planned, which I get to concentrate on now without a lot of white noise in my way ~  early next year I am booked on a cruise with my hubby and some beautiful friends and then a year after I will be eligible for my long awaited (30 years of working) Long Service Leave which will see me take a trip to relive my love affair with France and Provence & Italy and the Amalfi Coast, oh how I have dreamed of this trip for years on end and to think its so close, under 2 years now, in fact about 708 days (I have a trip countdown on my computer) and in a few years past that trip, Bill and I are planning a most spectacular trip around the USA to celebrate his retirement and a life of full time work since he was 14 years old including 11 years serving in the Australian Army.

So, as I spend tomorrow collecting all paperwork, receipts, tax invoices, folders, notes and Body Corporate stuff all to do with the investment property I no longer own and put it all aside for one more tax audit before tossing it for good, I will expect to feel more relief than sadness that I can freely move on to different ideas, and wonderful dreams, some of which  I haven’t yet even thought up yet, for as one door closes another surely opens and the lessons I take with me moving on will be worth all the blood sweat and tears it took to create that dream as much as it took to say goodbye to it.

Again, the universe shone so brightly in cleaning up what mess the dodgy builders left for us, I was in awe of how perfectly timed everything seamlessly fell into place. I was blessed with a most patient renter who did not complain that she had to leave her home for 3 weeks while we fixed the plumbing issues that one incredibly selfish builder left for us all to find, along with the electrical wiring which was all non compliant as well.  I was given a most amazing relater  by the name of Andrew who didn’t do things by the book and went in to bat for me, found me a buyer within 2 weeks on the job, did the unusual by negotiating with my wonderful tenant to cut her lease short and move her into another unit.

A perfect synchronicity moment appeared where my agent went to find help next door to get my tenant a unit and help was found in the guise of a lovely lady who now was working for the competitor and recognised his client was me who she had dealt with when I first bought the unit 3 years ago and because of our great relationship at the time, went out of her way to find my tenant a new home while keeping it off the books until the deal was done.  My tenant moves into her new home in 2 weeks and I just pray the plumbing and wiring in that place is ok, bless her, I pray she has no more problems with her living arrangements ever again.

2 months ago as this dilemma was unfolding I prayed and asked the universe to take it off my hands as it was just so big at the time. Then I proceeded to claim it had been done in my mind. I did not sit and fret at every turn, I did not worry with each update Andrew called to say he was trying this or that. I just nodded and smiled each time knowing it was all in good hands and was going to work out perfectly.  I sit here tonight with it all done and dusted and again marvel at just how perfect life is when we walk away from controlling a situation and what I like too call ‘getting out of our own way’, just let things unravel and don’t interfere, for the universe is perfectly aligned and knows the best path to take which is always in the best interest of all concerned.

As I sit here tonight and write, I know these truths:

Never burn any bridges with anyone

as you never know when they will turn up to help you again.

Always remember the plan you have for yourself may not be the one you are meant to take.

and never doubt for one instant that there is a higher power

who surrounds us with love


takes our problems off our hands

and returns them with answers.

I know this

to be very true

and I know

how grateful

I am

because of it…