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I was thinking today that of all the things I could not live without, at the top of my list would have to be tea and coffee and then if I really had to choose between them then the coffee would have to go.  However, lucky I don’t have to choose, both are a huge part of my everyday, even though I usually only have one coffee a day its at the most important time around 10am when I need to really switch up my brain a bit to tackle things at work. The rest of the day I quite happily go from normal black or earl grey tea to in between green or herbal teas until bed time when my last drink will be either chamomile or a green.

Its funny, I had spent most of my life drinking both tea and coffee with milk and sugar until just before my fiftieth birthday I changed my tea to black with no sugar and now would not drink it any other way.

Which is your preference?  

There has been much written about the health benefits of both

but I do think tea wins out,

here’s just a few:

Why I love my tea

Have you ever had a rotten day or perhaps a terrible stress you have been through when the only thing which begins to calm you down is a good old cup of tea to savour in your hands while you slowly gather your thoughts? I could not count the times over my life I have done this and the simple practice of having a tea at this time is like soothing the soul.

This new birthday year when I was thinking of doing something nice for myself, something different, my thoughts were drawn to tea…its time to introduce a new tea to my life around 3pm each day.  Just when I begin to crave something sweet and need a pick me up to get me to the end of my day, I was contemplating introducing chai until I found it gave me a headache the couple of times I tried it when I was on leave last week, so that one is out for me. I was not happy about that revelation as I had my heart set on a change of some sorts but thought to myself, ‘oh well, something new will appear that you can make a change with‘, and then I forgot all about it…until today…

This week I am joining my son on an elimination food plan (a lot like this one) to try and heal his gut so he can improve his health which has been compromised from chronic fatigue and other health issues over the past six years.  To support him, my husband and I am going along for the ride as the heath benefits of doing this will certainly help us too.

One of the recommendations Matt’s practitioner makes is to drink rooibos tea, a tea I was unfamiliar with until today.  We all went out on our first shopping expedition with a list of new ingredients to buy (I will post more on this later as the weeks go by) however, amongst fresh herbs, chicken to make broth, lamb and grass fed beef and lots of fresh vegetables, we found some organic rooibos tea just at the supermarket. Pronounced ‘roy-boss‘ and curious as to why Matt’s ‘gut health’ expert had recommended this tea, I did some research and have been amazed at the long list of benefits this tea brings. So much so – after reading up on its amazing healing abilities, I have decided that it will now become my preference for a new tea to introduce into my life, and after one cup of the vanilla I was totally convinced.

 Rooibos tea, sometimes known as ‘red-bush’ tea is caffeine free and only grown in South Africa and has been a popular beverage with South Africans for generations. Similar to green and white teas, it is a natural source of antioxidants and flavanoids which helps to combat inflammation in the body and contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, & magnesium and is fast becoming the newest super tea on the block.

I am really looking forward to my cuppa before bed tonight as its great for promoting better sleep…

If you would like to know more on the benefits of this tea, the many ailments it can assist with as well as help with bones, teeth & hair it is also well documented to assist in the prevention of disease. With so many healing properties I wanted to share what I found today so take a look at the benefits yourself and make up your own mind.

Its a definite winner in my books…

9 Proven Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea