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This one is for you,

yes you,

reading this right now.

What have you done today that is soley for you?

Have you spent the day running after everyone else, making sure all of their needs are met before you have taken care of yourself?

Well, stop right now and have a think about you.

With a whole Sunday in front of you,

what is the one thing  

you really would love to be doing?

I am officially calling tomorrow Self Love Sunday and every Sunday after it in fact.  If you cant have the whole day to yourself please try hard to grab an hour or two at the very least…even if its before you get out of bed, a beautiful sleep in perhaps?  Or maybe leisurely reading before starting your day or a delicious breakfast in bed? Surely you deserve a bit of pampering at the end of your week…

I always try to instill a new habit into my life each birthday which passes by. This year I have decided that my new habit will be self love, whenever I can, even in small ways, and make time to treat myself to good quality pampering.

Its funny when I look back at some of the ‘rules’ I used to tell myself such as I wouldn’t pay for a breakfast for myself that cost more than $10 or the last time I had my nails professionally manicured was at least 5 years ago now…yes really!  It might sound silly but I cherish each and every cup of coffee I now buy and love to sit and enjoy it as I recall many years I could not do this.  Its the simple things like this which we need to do amongst our busy lives which make us sit for a moment and feel ‘special’.

None of us know how long we are here on this earthly plane for so now I buy that item which costs a bit more, and make sure that my husband and I celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries together. I get up and go to work each day, not just to pay my bills but to give myself the best life I can. Its taken me a long time to work out that loving ourselves first is a sure way of keeping us content with life and therefore gives us the energy then to take better care of those we need to such as children, parents or partners.

I absolutely love the quote above…its something which really makes you stop and think. Loving yourself first is a concept a lot of people struggle with. Perhaps it was never instilled into us as young children or teenagers.  One thing I have learned is that as a wife, mother, friend and sister, by the time you have stretched yourself around to make sure everyone else is ok, you are running on empty and usually tired and cranky or worse, feeling resentful which is no way to give love to anyone else or be the best you.  It has taken me a while to learn if  I don’t take the time to take care of myself, how can I take care of those I love?

Just remember,

if you don’t think you have time for self love tomorrow

or at least sometime in the week

because you are too busy helping everyone else,

then this post

is especially for you…

So, I have a self love challenge for you to help create a new habit.

Every day

for the next 30 days,

commit to practicing

self love.  

This means practice doing something nice for yourself every day.

 It doesn’t need to be big or expensive or hard…


the simplest things are the best.

It doesn’t need to take a big chunk out of your day

 Come home from work and lock yourself in the bathroom for 30 minutes soaking in a beautiful bath.

Buy yourself something special next pay, a bunch of flowers,  special tea or a bottle of wine you normally would not purchase and take the time to sit and enjoy them. Make sure its something more luxurious than you are used to and that it makes you smile.

Start planning your next getaway or family holiday.  Grab some brochures, surf the net to find special deals and begin to imagine that trip becoming a reality..

Take yourself somewhere quiet and practice meditation or yoga.

(This will be my new habit each evening over the next 30 days, I’m looking forward to Oprah and Deepak’s free 21-Day Meditation Experience, Getting Unstuck: Creating a Limitless Life,  you can find here,  with two of my favourite spititual teachers, however there are so many other free meditations to follow on the internet, take a look at Gabby Berstein’s Beginner’s guide to meditation, another of my favourite inspirational teachers who shows us just how easy meditation can be)

or…another simple way is to just go for a walk,

be with nature

and don’t hurry back home 🙂

And just in case you are having trouble finding things to do over the next 30 days, here are plenty of ways to be good to yourself, starting today.


I’d love to hear how you treated yourself…

I hope it becomes a new habit for you too xx