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One thing I have learned in life is to ‘go with the flow’ and as long as you consistently keep your vibes up, then life will show you the way and open doors where you thought they might be closing…

I have had in my mind a particular image of my upcoming trip in 2018 always imagining myself travelling in June when the lavender is in full bloom in Southern France, however recently we have been forced to shift our goals around a little which means my travel in June has to be pushed back and I need to wait just a few more months to September/October for me to be able to take this long awaited trip.

Something told me it was time for us to see a financial adviser just to see where we were sitting currently so off we went last week and spoke of many issues but the main discussion was on Bill and his retirement plans in the next 5-10 years.  Its a bit scary when you get to a stage in your life where you are looking ahead to see how you will retire from the workforce.

There is so much I want to do in the next 5 or so years including my travel but I would like to renovate our house before we loose our double income as it will be so much harder on the one salary.

So I created a vision board this week and stuck it up where I can see it each day. My new vision board has everything I want to achieve in the next decade. I have always used them in some form or another but for the past few years I have created my vision boards on Pintrest which is a great tool to place images and ideas that you love or would like in your life.

You might wonder, do these things really work?  In my experience, they sure do!  When you place an image deep into your subconscious, the universe finds a way to bring that very thing into your reality. My new vision board is just a basic word document with beautiful pictures and inspiring words which mean something to me however these days there are plenty of fancy online versions, take a look at the links below if you are interested.  It is a well known fact that if you document or visualise your dreams and goals they will reach you quicker. Here’s an article on how they work and a few websites to help if you have ever thought of doing one yourself:




I love this!:

I have carried around with me for quite a number of years, one particular picture which I think I originally found on Pintrest and its been pinned above my head for years at my last job (as I had originally planned to go in 2016) and had made the cut to pin up at my new job.  It is a view of a beautiful Italian street which I hope to be a part of my reality on this trip.  I have looked at this picture for many years noticing the vespa and lovely cobblestone road however my eyes always were drawn to the picture I pinned next to it of the vivid purple lavender fields which I love.

After talking to my husband this week and deciding that in fact it will be September and October that I will make my journey over to France and Italy, I looked up the season out of curiosity and to my delight discovered it was Autumn which if you know me at all is my favourite time of the year and in fact flew over to the USA in 2011 to see it in all its fall glory.

The next day I walked into work and as I was taking off my coat and scarf at my desk, placing my bag under my feet and slowly turning on my computer in readiness for another day at work, my eyes slowly moved towards the myriad of scenes I have plastered on my wall to keep me inspired and invigorated at the office, and something caught my eye as I sat down and stared at the Italian pic with the vespa and cobbled stones and in that moment, it all made sense… .What do you think caught my eye in that very picture that morning?

Its set in Autumn…

A Beautiful street of a small town in Italy:

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France:

Fall in Beignon, Brittany, France:

Its quite amazing really that the Universe knew that a hot European summer in June really wouldn’t have suited me…

listen to those nudges,

they are always spot on…

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