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Today I realised that I am now in my 5th year of writing this blog and in fact this very post is my 100th, yes 100th blog post!  When I began this little story all those years ago I did not know then how much I would come to love writing.  It all began with a new direction, a new yearning for a different life and at the time it was important to me to journal it and put down all my thoughts and feelings as each new chapter was written into our lives as I knew that this transition from city to country was going to be the making of us, it was going to take us from just being to really living our life on our terms and with a purpose.

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Writing this story has been  very therapeutic and relaxing  for me to do and it also stretches a little creative side of mine which does not get used in my normal working life.  As I look back to where it all began, each year that has gone by I have grown somewhat, in my thoughts, habits and philosophy of life.  The very idea of moving down by the sea was to slow down, relax more and spend more time doing the things we love.  I think as each year has gone by we have grown into this new lifestyle with more passion about where we want it to go.  For me, I am spending more of my free time learning how to grow vegetables and designing and planting a cottage garden. Someone told me last year that when children leave home, that’s when mums start planting a garden.

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I have found that the process of getting older is a whole lot of little things, such as letting go of what no longer serves, uncluttering your life, removing yourself from toxic people,saying no to things you really don’t want to be doing and being more true to yourself, or even finding yourself (or at least finding out what it is that you like to do and who with)

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So, lets do more of this shall we?

I am happy to keep on writing for as long as I get the inspiration to do so, there is always more growth, more learning and more understanding of this life we are living and every few weeks or so, I know I will still get the urge to put it all down into words 🙂

2017 in numerology terms is a number 1 year, meaning ‘A year for New Beginnings‘- its certainly turning out that way for us already.  Last week our son moved back to the city to find his way in a new career so that means a new beginning not only for him but for us too as this is the first year since before we were married that my husband and I have been living together without kids.

I am calling this new phase ‘Life after kids‘. Its only been a week by ourselves but yes, its a totally different vibe, we are not just Mum and Dad, but back to being ourselves with a lot of time on our hands which we intend to fill with planning, painting, gardening & renovating, as well as outings where we don’t have to come home or cook tea if we don’t feel like it and we are hopping on a  cruise in a few months time.  Mmmm, life has just got a little more interesting…

So, in this special 100th post about new beginnings I want to remind you to try some new things, visit some new places this year or perhaps do something new you never thought you would do like our cruise holiday, you just never know where ‘new beginnings‘ may take you or provide solace or a new perspective, just like this little blog has done for me all those years ago when mybeachretreat began…

So go on…

start planning,

you have a whole new year ahead of you…

make it a fabulous one!! 🙂

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