Change is a word which fills some people with fear and others with excitment.  Me, I like change and have always embraced it particularly when I find things not going right and the only answer then is to change. Being an army wife when I first married meant we were changing our environment every two years or so.  After Bill was discharged from the Defence Force and we were settled in Melbourne, I recall getting that two year itchy feet feeling again as if I needed to pack up and move away.
I will be packing up and moving away again mid 2013, but this time its for good, to our beach retreat where we have bought a beautiful little house by the sea in a place called Clifton Springs, 20 minutes from Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula.  Here I plan to continue the change which has led me here and grow with the knowledge that good healthy eating habits nourishes our bodies.  I am looking forward to a simpler life, of living as nature intended us to, without preservitives or wheat or sugar in my diet, as close to organic as I can be.
My recent change in diet and love for ‘natural living’ began as a direct result of trying to help heal my son Matt.  Its been a long and hard journey down an unpredictable & expensive road beginning with western medical advice and more referals to specialists each with their own opinions and not so helpful insights as to why my son who is now 22 could not work or study like anyone else his age.
One of the hardest things we have had to come to terms with that with Chronic Fatigue there is no simple pill which was going to make it go away, and for Matt who was facing a future of unknown quality, the answer seemed to come from within, he had to want something different, he had to want to try something different, and that difference seems to have made a difference.
This blog and future updates is all about our change in perspective, new diet & lifestyle and the wisdom we have found along the way that we really do only have ourselves to get up everyday and try again no matter what the odds are telling us, no matter what people around us cannot seem to understand, we will beat this, and by following the only plan we have at the moment, created by the desperation that we needed to change what was not working for Matt, we have begun to see some improvement along with the hope that you can change anything in your life. If it inspires anyone else out there to change something in their life they are not happy with for example weight, stamina or fatigue by cutting out foods that harm and learning about all the wonderful foods which heal, then this blog will be worth writing. I am hoping as we evolve as a family I can share the benefits we have found through changing out diets and approach to life and what positives it has given us.
By helping Matt, I myself have benefited greatly with reduced symptoms of menapause by cutting out the sugars and wheat in my diet which has also reduced bloating which I was suffering from as well. Through trial and error and much research, I have found the foods which we were bought up on in a typical Australian household of milk and bread and more bread and margerine & icecream as regular (normal) food intake were the ones we eliminated first and have given us the greatest improvements.  I have found by getting back to a more natural state of eating, my daily headaches have all but disapeared as well. I am not totally off sugar yet and do get caught at work where chocolate seems to be the daily eating requirement of my collegues to get through the day but I am hoping when we move to a calmer environment that my philosophy of better eating and health will become second nature (so to speak).
We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.  ~Author Unknown